Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yesterday, for our first day of summer holidays, we went to the Voses for a bbq. It was relaxing and Kai loved running around their backyard. The food was great and so was the company:)
Here the kids are full out into the bubbles

Kai and Matthew. Kai kept asking Maffew for some bawter so Maffew gave it to him:) He sprayed him from head down but that was fine because then Kai could run around nakie for a bit.

All three of us pregnant...I was a couple months behind Torie last time and we repeated it this time around too. So, from left to right, me (3 months), Melissa (7.5 months), Torie (5 months).

Today I have spent most of the day in bed. I feel quite sick and am unable to eat anything. I wish I could just sleep for 24 hours straight. I hope that this is short lived and that I will be fine for Disneyland. Gary has been very helpful and I'm so glad he's home for the next 2 months!!! Kai has been unusually grumpy/crying in the past couple days...maybe he had too much fun at gramma's house or he's just missing playing with all the day care kids. We were supposed to go camping today but my sister was unable to secure a spot. That's okay, we've got lots of time to go. Well, I think I'll head back to bed. Have a good long weekend everyone!

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