Thursday, June 19, 2008

One more week

Just a few random pictures as nothing has really happened this week...

Kai hanging out with his girl Chapman cousins at Aldergrove Lake. He loved the lake and he loves his cousins.

Kai started limping yesterday and I don't think its from a fall so we are keeping an eye on him. I've heard of a viral infection that can cause a swollen hip joint so I'm just making sure that he doesn't get a fever etc. It hasn't gotten worse and he hasn't complained about it, it just seems strange to appear all of a sudden.

This is Kai's Diego watching face. I am very relieved to have a 20 minute break in the morning and in the evening each day. He is finally into tv! I know I shouldn't celebrate this but Diego is educational, I've learned a lot about things like spectacled bears and whale sharks:)

Next Thursday is officially our last day of work as we celebrate in the graduation evening. I'm looking forward to this summer and hope that we use our time wisely. We have 5 weddings, a week at Disneyland, a few days at Green Lake and I'm really hoping for a camping trip too. We haven't been taking any pictures or videos as nothing has really happened this week...just went to work each day.

I've been feeling `evening sickness' every day from 3pm onwards which sucks because Gary always makes amazing dinners and I can't eat them. I eat large meals in the morning to compensate:) I hope this passes because Gary's creative juices really get going in the summer with lots of time to look at recipe books and plan elaborate meals:) We are planning on doing a hike on Saturday but don't really know which one to do. It has to be a day hike and not ridiculously hard as I'm already a little shorter on breath and Gary still has his chest injury. Any suggestions? It will be sans Kai.

Here's a video of Kai's favourite song `Take Me Out to the Ball Game'.

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