Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Way Jose

Me: Kai, can I sleep with your teddy bear?

Kai: No way, Jose!

The other day, Kai was with us at school. He picked up a protractor and said with excitement, `Letter D!'. Funny kid, it does look like a `D'.

This video is for kai's's just him counting to 10:)

He is soooooo sweet. I love that kiddo. His bubbi (blanket that he's used for over a year and can't sleep without) was cut in half a while back. Fortunately we did that because we have lost one! I'm a little nervous about it as we are down to one now and am thinking we'll have to cut this one in half. I know he would be able to live without it, eventually, but it provides him with so much happiness and security so I love that he has it. We've searched our house from top to bottom and we never let it leave the car unless he is at someone's house for daycare....hopefully it turns up!
(11 week picture)

Today I had a doctor's appointment that I've actually been really nervous for. I know that everything feels like its going well, but you just never know. The doctor first found the placenta and then he found the baby's heartbeat...a strong 155bpm. Upon palpating my uterus he let me know that it is quite a bit larger than it should be at this point. I know I am only 12 weeks along as I have been charting. This could possibly mean twins but I guess we will find out mid August during our ultrasound. I know I'm probably growing a big baby but my uterus shouldn't feel that big at this point because I'm thinking all babies are about the same size at this time. I guess our decision on whether to have 2 or 3 kids would then be solved for us:)

(Gary with one of our first strawberries from our plant...he said I missed out, it was apparently fabulous)

Gary and I have our last school event tonight; the graduation evening. I went to the store and bought a ton of candy's and almonds to last me through the ceremony (5-7pm) as I will be absolutely famished.
This is the non maternity dress that I bought for my sisters weddings this summer and I'm wearing it to grad too. I think it should contain my belly for the weddings.
Well, gramma should be here in a minute to pick up Kai so we better go!


  1. Hi! Wow I'm addicted to your blog... Strangers probably stalk you because it's so good... well i guess i qualify because i haven't seen you guys in years! Just wanting to say you look amazing in your dress!!! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Anonymous4:02 PM

    cute dress Louise!! :)


  3. What a little brainiac! Impressive counting and spelling skills from Kai-Guy.

    TWINS?! That would be so wild! Looking forward to hearing for sure whether it's one nerd or two.

    You look really great! Have a fun time tonite!

  4. love the videos!