Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time Out For Mommy

Phew, I'm exhuasted. We had a really busy weekend (football, family stuff, photo shoots) and now I'm going to sit back and relax. Hopefully. Today we were taking pictures at a one year olds party and the party started at 2pm. Kai usually sleeps from 12-3pm so we woke him up after just one hour of sleeping. He morphed into this crazy kid, and I just kept thinking `Who are you?'. I think more than anything he just kept running around touching and throwing things he knows he's not allowed to. He probably sat down for 20 seconds the entire time we were there. I watched the other kids sitting and playing with the toys and wondered why Kai couldn't just relax. Usually he likes to go, go, go but today he was doing this to the extreme. I think that a good nap is crucial in his life and I won't be waking him up again. I will work my life around his. A well behaved kid=happy and relaxed mommy. I think this goes for students too. Generally, a well rested student= an attentive and well behaved student. Kids do not get enough sleep these days and they have so much stuff on their plates, they need to be well rested.

I only have 3 teaching days left, isn't that crazy? I was so blessed with wonderful classes this year. I won't have any of these kids in my classes next year which is too bad. My exams are ready to go and my final classes are all planned out and prepped for. Nothing left to do but show up...and then do all my report cards, mark all the exams, attend a few meetings and evaluate final projects:)

Okay, time to relax. I should really post some recent pictures soon. I guess that means I should actually take some of our family!

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