Thursday, June 12, 2008


This evening we had our staff party. I began pumping Kai up yesterday that he would be able to ride a horse so he was REALLY looking forward to this party. He is very unafraid of any animal which freaks me out because there are some scary dogs out there that he wants to be close to. He loved riding the pony and feeding the bigger horses hay.
Today Gary and I were both home so I went shopping and I bought a dress!!! When is that last time I bought a dress? Maybe 10 years ago (besides my wedding dress)? I really like it and am excited to wear it to grad and my sisters weddings this summer. Its boring in the sense that its a black sundress but its just fun to have something new. I'll have to post a picture of me in it. I also plan on going all out and wearing heels too. This is not normal for me as my feet prefer runners:)
This is just a picture (taken in the car) of the appetizer Gary made for the party. Its an apple and pear salad with blue cheese dressing in endives.

My grade 9's have written their exams so they have been marked. Just have to wait til next week for my biology 11 class to write their exams. I've already started in on my summer reading; The Painted Veil. I took out a bunch of books from the school library and am excited to dig into them:)
Oh ya, we got our power cord for our new hard drive video camera. I'll have to post a video even though we haven't gotten any good stuff yet. Here are some giggles...


  1. I love Gary's sound effects as he's throwing Kai in the air.

  2. I love Kai's giggles. Very cute!!!

  3. I love the look of that, what a great display. Gary is an amazing cook!

  4. my boys are lovin your video. More, more, more! Max wants to know what the horse's name is. :)