Friday, June 06, 2008


This morning, Kai and I headed out for our walk to Extra Foods. We have done this walk about every other day since he was born. I always put him in the stroller for this walk because I don't have the patience to let him walk that long. We do a walk at another point in the day when he is allowed to actually walk; we see the diggers, get the mail and go to the park. we went to the front porch where our stroller has been for 2 YEARS and it wasn't there. It took me a minute to register and then I got really sad. I actually cried for a second about our stroller. Its not the fact that it cost us over $100.00, it's the fact that it was the first baby item that we ever bought when we were expecting Kai. It's the fact that Kai was a baby that would settle down when I took him for long walks. We have gone on so many walks with it and I just can't believe its gone. It was perfect with its large storage underneath for all the groceries, the tray for him and me, so lightweight...I'm sad. I told Kai that it is gone and he just kept saying `Daddy take it?' I think he thinks its coming back.
(the replacement stroller for now which kai almost fell asleep in)
So, we went to the store in the jogging stroller that i can't stand due to the front tire that does not rotate. It always makes my neck sore. The storage underneath is not as accessible. I'm not into spending hundreds of dollars on a stroller so i have to figure out what kind I want...maybe the same one:) I hope that whoever took it really needed it and wasn't just selling it for cash.

By the way, it was not locked on our patio. Many people in our neighbourhood leave their strollers on their patios. I used to lock it up but haven't done it for about 1.5 years. Our house doesn't have room for it and we can put it in the garage but it is detached and in our back yard which means a lot more work when bringing Kai out there and then groceries back in. I guess that is what we will have to do. Gary always bugs me that I'm so nervous about stuff getting stolen but at least now my fears are validated. It also makes me nervous for someone actually breaking into our house. We really don't have any valuables other than emotional valuables (there's probably a proper name for that) such as all of our pictures stored on our computers. WE do have back up drives, but still, we don't back it up all the time.
On a different note, Kai's new `joke' is that if he sees something gross, he jokes that he is going to eat it. I think he might. I was pointing out fluff between his toes. `Eat it?' he says and then proceeds to stick his feet in his mouth. Digging in the dirt yesterday, he says `Eat it?' and put it in his mouth. He thinks its hilarious and I think its disgusting. Today when Gary left for work, Kai said `Later daddy', it was cute:) He has been asking if we can go to the store and buy him a skateboard. I'm not sure that a kid his age could use it in any capacity, maybe he could sit or lie on it? Hmmmmm...we'll see. When we say that its time for bed, he says, `Cuddle mommy? Two minutes?' He also thinks that anything we buy costs $30 because Gary had mentioned 2 weeks ago about these 3 Diego DVD's for $30.00. He says it perfectly, `Thir-ty doll-ars' . His language astounds me. All I can say is that I am soooooo thankful that he naps for 2-3 hours a day so that I have time to myself. Need it. Love it.


  1. no way!!! that bites bigtime. I"m sorry to hear someone took your stroller. grrr to that person!!!
    i hope you are able to find one that will suitably fit your needs!

  2. Oh Louise, that sucks so bad.

    Kai's vocab is impressive! So fun and funny!

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    That sucks, Louise. But as our house is not too far from yours, it doesn't surprise me so much.
    And you are so blessed Kai sleeps that much. Ayva sleeps about half that. And she's only a few months younger than Kai, but her vocabulary is not nearly as prolific as his. Wow. Hoepfully we're not screwing her up with all this French around her. :)
    Hope the weather improves for the weekend!

  4. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Actually, it's not a surprise. Our cars, fortunately unlocked b/c Norm's crowbar was taken from the back of the truck and found resting on his tire . . our cars were seriously rifled through for cash and Lynn had her CD player stolen from the van while we were in the backyard!! Sadly, you can't trust leaving stuff out there, even locked up! Great engagement photos of our kids, by the way . . look forward to the wedding and since we don't expect our photographers to starve, will also provide you with dinner like all the other guests!!