Saturday, June 07, 2008


This is a picture of our flag football team for 2008. We have our last game tomorrow against a very good team so it should be an interesting way to end the season. Today we played the top ranked team in Western Canada (they were National Champs a few years back but I'm not sure if they still hold the title). My goal for the game was to keep them at 40 points and for us to get one TD. Well, the score was 42-7 so pretty much what I was hoping for. It felt so amazing to get that TD AND the 1 pt convert against them (3 other teams in our division didn't score a single point against them). They have been playing together for over 15 years and we have just been playing together for 3. I was especially proud of the convert as I was patient and calm while waiting for the perfect moment while maintaining an adequate distance from the rusher. I was unable to run any yards in this game as they had the best rusher I have ever played against, she was amazing!

I will def. miss football in the off season as it in an integral part of balance in my life. I love being part of a team where we can work out, talk strategy, socialize and celebrate together. I love that I am just Louise there, this is so important to me. I love NOT talking about kids and just focusing on the team. Does that sound harsh? Obviously Kai is so important to me and I can't even explain my love for him. However, I just love getting out of mom mode. We are quite a random group of women from about 25-40 years of age but we have done all right moving up to the top division after being in the B division for 7 seasons. I'm proud of us. I hope that if Gary and I are blessed with more children, that I will be able to continue playing for many years to come. If I stop playing for any reason, remind me to get involved in a team sport!

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