Monday, June 30, 2008


Wow. So hot. I have nothing to blog about except the fact that besides church, we have been hiding out in our house. Kai loves playing outside with the water hose and baby pool but its just too hot to be out there with him. Gary is heading out Go Karting with the brother in laws this afternooon and I will be taking Kai to Ani's house to play in their backyard. I will get pictures there and post them:)

I am officially out of my regular pants/shorts/skirts. This has happened way too fast. I believe I wore my normal jeans until about 5 months pregnant last time. I just went to Thyme Maternity and got a pair of shorts on sale ($19). The only other maternity summer stuff I have are skirts and capris. I'm nervous about the heat in Disneyland and hope that there is a lot of shade there! I have been waking up (from terrible dreams every night...getting in car accidents, students dying etc) feeling very dehydrated. I know I should drink more water, I just don't really enjoy drinking water and my new water bottle is a twist off top with a wider mouth which is just not conducive to frequent drinking!

I had bought a waffle maker (just like last time, craving the waffles!) and we made 2 waffles yesterday and then it just stopped. Grrrrrrr...we'll have to find a better one.

Well, better have a nap before Gary leaves...I will post pictures later.


  1. I'm dying in the heat here too. Thank goodness my mom lent me her airconditioner for our bedroom. I've been in here all afternoon!
    Pam and I got really sick of water too and she was using some little packets from Nestea I think, that just flavors the water enough to make you feel like you are drinking juice. I tried a couple and they aren't bad.

  2. Yikes, this heat is aweful.

    I put ice in my water bottle so that every sip counts to get my body temp. down.
    The nightmares can sometimes be dehydration, and sometimes be hunger, so make sure you eat a bedtime snack with a protein and a fruit in it (cheese counts as protein), esp. at your stage because you're still burning mega calories, particularly at night! They won't get rid of your regular 'pregnancy dreams' where you lose the baby or forget it exists, but it will help tone down the nightmarish dreams.
    Make your own iced tea out of decaf tea or get decaf packets, otherwise it's not much good for hydration, but Ms. Bartel has the right idea. Just get liquid inside you, any way any how! Popsicles work, esp homemade juice popsicles b/c they have no sugar (sugar, without salt, isn't that great for hydration but is better than nothing!).
    And if the new water bottle is inconvenient, spring for a new one, or a new lid for the same one. It'll go a long way in this heat.
    Dude, I'm feeling the sweatfest with ya. I'm gonna die.