Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Three Monkeys

I love having stats about the kids documented so that is what this will be!  It's so interesting to me how different they are.  A lot of it I saw when they were just babies but now the differences are just....exaggerated.  They love being together, but wow, can they fight.  This has been alleviated a bit in the van because someone (KOEN!!) has been moved to the backseat by himself.

Kai (8 years old): 

-loves American Ninja Warrior (the tv show) and practicing to be one.
-would like to marry an American so he can try out 
-loves school and his new teacher and the fact that his very good friend is in his class
-loves to play Wii
-great hiker
-very `even keeled' like Gary.  Tends to be more serious.
-started climbing lessons and is so happy about it!
-plays with Koen at home.  They love to play Wii, a made up game with the stuffies, Pokemon, or practicing their American Ninja Warrior skills.   
-eats and drinks everything but still doesn't love dairy

Koen (5.5 years old)

-48lbs 3'8"
-started part time kindergarten (full days on M, W, Fri)
-enjoys playing Wii
-can physically keep up with Kai in most outdoor activities.  They are both very determined but where Kai has endurance, Koen has strength.  
-is emotional
-can make me lose my mind.  For real. I have no control over myself when parenting him sometimes.  This usually happens when disciplining him.  He will either be goofy and throwing his body around laughing OR he will continously ask the same question over and over while I'm trying to talk to him and if I don't understand, he cannot rephrase which makes him angrier and angrier.  This is so frustrating when trying to discipline him that there have been several times that I have had to chase him and carry him up to his room.  I hate the feeling of losing my mind but it can happen so quickly with him (usually on days when he spends a lot of time making Nya scream).
-bugs Nya all day long BUT is very good with her at the same time.
-loves to be silly

Nya (2.5 years old)

-27lbs (wow, not sure when that happened!), 2'9"
-loves older kids and Koen is her best friend
-loves Dora. Too much.
-can climb well
-speaks quite clearly and in long sentences
-very affectionate with her family.  She will tell us daily that she loves us so much.
-loves to be held
-strong willed.  Wants to wear a dress every day with flip flops. And not wear a sweater.  Or a bib.
-was potty trained for at least 6 months and then struggled a bit over the past 2 weeks (I think due to final molars coming in and holidays?!) we are working hard to get her back on track. 
-loves music and singing and dancing
-is somehow more attached to Koen than Kai.  She doesn't like to hold Kai's hand which hurts his feelings.  She also doesn't love to give him hugs.  She really, really loves the one that pesters her the most.  
-a smaller eater than her brothers but eats most types of food
-no more bottles :)  
-sleeps through the night 7pm to 7am
-hasn't napped in about 6 months 
-has a scar on her forehead from when she fell down the front steps.  There may be a little rock imbedded in there.

{Kai's first day of grade 3}

{Koen's first day of part time kindergarten.  His thoughts on the first day were that the toys weren't that fun and that there are only 99 days left until the 100 day party.}

{Yay! Two kids in school!  Less fighting in the house!  Now we just have to see how Nya does at daycare when I work later on this week.}

I feel bad for those that are not back in school.  I'm sorry :(  It's such a bad situation for the teachers, parents and students here in B.C.  I don't know the numbers on how it's affected the private schools but I know in Kai's class of 25, 5 students are new to the school.

I hope you're able to enjoy some sunshine this week!



  1. Enjoy the first of school statistics. In our family of 3 children it is the oldest and the youngest who are the closest.

  2. I love Koen's comment about 99 day's left until 100 day!!

  3. You have beautiful children!!