Sunday, September 21, 2014


My family is exhausting.  It's not the day in and out stuff, it's that one particular child loves to be a pest and distrupts our whole family.  I feel bad saying it but it's my reality.  I REALLY want him in full time kindergarten for my sanity but I know that three long days is best for him.  Someone please tell me that the pest in your family loses some of their `pestiness' once they get a bit older. Like 6 years old?  

 It's also that I feel like no one listens to me. I have to repeat myself over and over to the other 4 members of this family.  I'm tired.  However, with all the exhaustion and lack of listening, I love these people.  We had our family photos taken last night and I'd say the kids were a little nuts in 90% of them.  Oh well, that is our life and the reality of three kids with a whole lotta extra energy and `personality'.  I can look at this photo and exhale and smile because I feel like everyone is quiet and we're together.  The only other time they are nice and quiet is when they are sleeping or at all-you-can-eat sushi.

I recently announced that Gary and I are taking  step back from GC Photography.  We are still doing 5 weddings a year but are no longer doing family photos (for now).  I just really need my evenings and weekends back.  Last night, I watched a show and read a book and it was PERFECT.  Usually I'd have to work for 2-4 hours first and then maybe watch something at 10 pm.   I know that with this change will come some adjustment....Will I get sick of reading in the evenings? Will I get the family photo `itch'?  Will we get more car bills that require more income?  Will subbing once a week be enough for me to feel productive?

I don't know what the future brings but I do know that right now I'm thankful for the jobs we have and the family that we've been given...Mr. Super Pest and all.


PS Some people have asked about where we are in the Fostering process.  We are still waiting to start our education component which will hopefully begin at the end of October.


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Nope, not at 6.....

  2. Love the photo!!

    I hear you on the exhausting challenges of family life. Sounds like your "pest" and my "pest" are very similar. Mine is 5 too:) Won't it be amazing when they are strong adults! Right?!

  3. Your "pest" is just so darn cute!! Hang in there. Somehow we will survive these years and these kids! Have you read the book Wild Things (by Stephen James & David Thomas? It is about raising boys. Awesome book. Maybe it would have some great ideas to help?!?!

  4. Jessica, I might have to read this book! I love a good recommendation.

    Ashley-I had a feeling she was similar to Koen :)

  5. All in due time the pest changes and so do the others. For my family we used to be 4 girls who would fight each other to the death now we are 4 girls who will fight for each other.

    If the itch or a car bill comes give me a shout ;)

  6. Tamara-being one of 5 girls, I hear you on that! I just don't remember purposely doing stuff all the time to make the other kids scream!! And you're hilarious about the `itch' but I'll keep it in mind!

  7. Flash back 20 years, and this is what mom would have written in her blog had she had one: "It's also that I feel like no one listens to me. I have to repeat myself over and over to the other <6> members of this family". Except she just would say, "Nobody listens to me!..". And then we'd all slowly exit the room... :)