Sunday, September 28, 2014

Science World

This weekend was a free weekend at Science World.  We decided to go, even if it was super busy, because it's about a $75 savings for our family!  Fortunately, it wasn't as busy as I thought.  They must have made so many changes over the past couple of years because there was just soooooo much for the kids to do.  

We were there for two hours which was a good amount of time for Nya but the boys probably could have been there for two more hours.  They all loved it and so did Gary and I.

{Cool new section outside that demonstrates generating electricity and saving water}

{Koen tried so hard to generate 20 Watts that he lost both of his shoes in the process}

{No more plastic toys!!}

{They could have stayed at this ball and water station for an hour at least. All three of them...and Gary too.}

{Gorgeous view}



{How long is your intestine?}

{The boys each participated in a study}

{The kids made DNA structures but Koen ate most of the bases/marshmallows before I could get a picture of it!}

{Everything is so hands on.  Everything.}

We had a great time at Science World.  So glad they had a free weekend and that I heard about it in time!  Would we pay $75?  No. Would we use a 2 for 1 coupon and pay $50? Yes :)

Did anyone else go?  


PS Here's a video of my grade 8 science teacher; Mr. Hamming.  I should also say that I'm sort of glad he retired because I ended up marrying the teacher that replaced him :)


  1. Suzanne8:31 PM

    We went this summer and totally noticed all the changes as well. We got free passes and like you said, Alexis could have stayed for so long, but the two year old....not so much. They loved the balls in the water too! So fun....can't wait to go back when Nadia is a bit older and doesn't run away from us all the time:)

  2. Glad it wasn't busy!! We usually stay away from free days because of the craziness that it usually is! Hoping to go with the coupons we have later this year!

  3. that looks really awesome! I definitely want to bring the kids but it would have to be a day the grandparents pay for (haha!) or some coupons because yikes, that's expensive!
    great pictures :)