Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1. Winning date nights! All right, don't bug me about winning so many things, but...I won tickets to the Fraser Valley Cork & Keg festival valued at $130!  Gary and I will have a date night in Langley tomorrow.  Yahoo! We love food and I love beer and wine.  I entered over at  Again :)  There's probably a great contest there almost every week.  I do want to say that I spend about 2-3 hours a week entering contests so it's not just a fluke, I enter a lot!

2.  So much encouragement and support over our announcement over at GC Photography.  There were so many positive comments over on our facebook page and I love that we have created and captured so many great memories for families over the years.  I have met so many wonderful friends this way.  Thank you!!

3. My first giveaway going well! Yay!  It's always risky veering away from the norm but it's a giveaway for a place that we've been super pleased with. There were too many drop ins during Kai's class yesterday so hopefully none of you were there last night!  They have apologized and will have more staff on next week.  Now let's hope the Rafflecopter continues to work well and picks two winners tomorrow.   I hope you've entered if you live in this area.

4.  A great night saying `see you later' to a good friend.  We went for fish and chips and ate them on the beach while the sun went down.  It was perfect!  By the way, if you are looking for fish and chips, go to Kahunas.  They give you twice as much as you order and it's good.  $20 for Gary and I to share 6 pieces of salmon and yam fries (I ordered 3, they gave 6!).   Also, I did take off the `best part' (the batter) due to my eating less carbs.

5.  Beautiful sunsets.  We get so many beautiful ones here. 

6.  A good time celebrating Surrey Christian School's 50th anniversary.

7. Capturing Koen's real smile.  It's near impossible but he thought he was hilarious waving his arm around so I  couldn't get a shot of the tattoo on his hand.  Being a pest makes him smile.

8.  A nice night out.  Dinner and dessert with friends while learning about some fancy strollers.  It was so relaxing.

9.  The public library.   You can read great books for free. PS Good book and easy read.

10.  The series `Downton Abbey'.  I was hesitant to start watching this (you have to get the DVD's or watch on netflix) because I didn't think it would be my thing.  I made it through the first season in the first week and I'm now into the second one.  Love it.  I'm in awe of their lives and how much has changed over the last 100 years.  Also, the cinematography is very, very beautiful. Totally recommend it. 

That's the `Thankful Thursday' for the week.  I wish I could say that our mechanic bill was way better than expected so I could be thankful for that too :) At least they were super efficient, knowledgeable and nice!



  1. Great photo of you and Ali! I also liked Wonder and love Downton Abbey - glad you gave it a chance!

  2. Next you will have to watch "Call The Midwife" - A totally different social class in England and very well done - some tough issues come up, though, so it is not for the faint of heart!

  3. Mandeep-thank you!
    Carol-So many people have recommended that to me so I think once I get through Downton Abbey, I'll move on to Call the Midwife! Not enough hours in the day :)

  4. Thankfuls:
    1) Vaseline. I might be the only person I know who uses it on their lips but man oh man do they get dry and hurting without it.
    2) Money. We're not rolling in it but we are definitely well provided for and so ridiculously well off compared to most of the world.
    3) Prayer. I'm still not sure if it changes things or changes me but either way, there's more peace in my life with it, especially when I'm worried about something.
    4) My husband. He's so handy and works so hard. It will be nice once he settles into the job so we can remember how to be married again.
    5) A house to live in. It needs lots of work but has lots of space, a great yard, and comes with the occasional bear sighting, coyotes across the road, and apparently cougars. Those last three I'm definitely not thankful for.
    6) Books. Who doesn't love to get lost in one? Currently Brady does. He asks all day long and does a cute little back up bum wiggle when he sits down to read with you,
    7) A phone. My phone has had issues for months now and I just bought a cheap one that actually works and I'm very thankful to be able to communicate with people, especially since I'm up here now.

    Okay, there's more but it's late and I need to relax and eat something.


  5. hahaha i know that koen smile! funny guy!

  6. As I read about your pest, my pest just emptied the giant container of bubble mix all over the deck.