Monday, September 15, 2014

Free Shoes! Sort Of.

I feel like I went on an undercover mission on Friday.  I had bought Kai his runners at Sears earlier in the year and he had worn them so much that they had a hole in them.   I know about the KidVantage program that Sears has and I wanted to try it out.  They say that they will replace or repair clothing and footwear if it wears out,  provided that you have your receipt.  The wild part (to me) is that someone in the house still needs to fit that size.  This means anything that Kai passes on to Koen is included!

Kai is active for at least 1-2 hours a day so it's guaranteed that shoes won't last a full year.

Kai's shoes were size 2 so they needed to be replaced by another size 2 (which won't last him long as he's almost a 3).   Did they accept it?!   Yes!  It took about 10 minutes to find some new similar shoes and then do the exchange.  I had to pay $7 for the difference.  Super happy.  Super impressed.  I will continue to buy the boys jeans and runners there.

The KidVantage program is for kids clothes up to size 18 and shoes up to size 6.  I'm just letting you know in case you have a child that wears through their clothes as quickly as my boys do!


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  1. SO awesome! We haven't shopped at Sears only because our kids aren't that hard on their clothes to warrant the higher cost. So glad you were able to take them up on this :)