Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hello friends!  This week I am thankful for....

1. A great time at Rolley Lake with my family. I've never been there before!  Three of the families were camping and the other two families came up for the day (so easy!).

2.  Getting to enjoy nature while it's still sunny and beautiful in September! 

{My sister Trish}

3.  A father that wants to be involved in his grandkids lives.  I know this is not always the case and I am thankful for this. PS My mom and dad's names were/are Greta and Jack and on my dad's lap is Nya Greta and Jack :)

4.  Nya being able to see Bobs & Lolo for the first time. We have all of their cd's and Nya was dancing in the front row most of the time. So fun.  They are playing at Campbell Valley Park this weekend too!  Free!

{The kids had a chance to meet Bobs...Lolo was in the other line.  Can you see Koen tickling his belly to try to smile. That kid.}

5.  Nya being a mini me.  It's very funny.  Whenever we go out, she must have her sunglasses, purse, camera and phone.  

6.  Finally flying with my dad.  Not as scary as I thought!

7.  Little nieces.  So cute.  Not mine.

8.  `New' climbing shoes for Kai.  They are MEC ones that I found on craigslist!  Regular $50, I got for $20.  Perfecto. 

9.  Where's Waldo?  It keeps Koen nice and entertained.  I remember Kai loving the `Where's Waldo?' books too.  This is the first book that Koen took out of the school library this week.  I'm totally ridiculous but I may have googled the answer key to one of the pages.  Google has everything.

10.  American Ninja Warrior.  If you haven't watched it, you might want to.  Well, the season is over now but it's really good.  I love hearing how dedicated people are to their passions and how hard they work at it.  The competitions are great.  Our kids love it and it has inspired them to try new activities that they wouldn't normally do.  Here Nya is watching and saying `I'm a Ninja Warrior!' while doing her `stunt'.

Thank you so much for reading.  I love looking back through my camera and seeing all that I'm thankful for.  By the way, I should add that I'm thankful for a fun giveaway that I'm going to have tomorrow!  I wanted it to be for something that I think is great so sure make you check back soon :)

Love, Louise


  1. I love your thankful thursdays! Very funny - Koen tickling his own tummy!

  2. Nya's hair sure has grown in the last few months.

  3. I've never been to Rolley Lake either - looks beautiful!

  4. I LOVE the photo of Gary with Nya on his back and the two boys at his side while look for Waldo. That's the picture of an awesome dad!

  5. I set my PVR for the Ninja show (maybe the last one of the season). I keep meaning to show it to my boys. They might really like it. Thanks for the suggestion...always looking for good family friendly shows that everyone will like!

  6. You guys should try Where's Waldo puzzles!