Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Did you know that I have been doing this for over ONE YEAR?!  That means I have listed over 500 things that I am thankful for already.  Wow.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Family photos.  My friend Anita and I do a swap each year, so great!  I was sent a few sneak peeks already.  Photos are a priority to me normally but with all 5 of us together it's one of my favourite things in the world.

 I should note that I am down 11 lbs total and feeling great.  I have added more exercise now (Woohoo!!  This is possible because I have JUST ONE KID AT HOME 3 DAYS A WEEK) as these last 7 lbs will definitely be taking their time coming off. If I'm `stuck' at this weight, I'm totally fine.  I don't want to have to buy new clothes!

{PS Found my dress at the GAP outlet for under $20 as I was looking for a navy blue dress! Perfect!}

2.  A great date.  I won tickets to the Cork & Keg festival and discovered two beers that I love.  Steamworks Pumpkin Ale (picked one up this week!) and Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout (must track that one down).  We also enjoyed crab mac and cheese from Match and a yummy treat by the Joseph Richard Group which was naan bread with guacamole and curried shrimp.  We have been on a low carb plan but indulged just a tad.

3.  Quiet.  Ah...bedtime for the kids.  Nya falls asleep with her light on.  When is it also quiet? On the three days that Koen goes to school!   Peace. Quiet. Relaxation.

4.  Another book to read and time to read it.  This is our newest book club book.  Have you read it? Is it good?

5.  Fall leaves.  Looking forward to the beauty emerging in a different form all around us!

6.  A son who wants to be a good husband.   When he learned that having a husband who can cook is a definite plus, Kai asked if he could help out more in the kitchen. On this day, he was in charge of barbequeing the burgers.

7.  The teacher's strike being over!  Happy for all of the parents and teachers that are sighing with relief!  There were a few days that I had 4 nieces to babysit instead of the usual 2! 

8. A daughter that can play well on her own.  Koen was very good at this too.   

9. Free evenings.  Now that we've taken a step back from photography I have time to do almost all of my errands during the day and then can use my evenings to read, watch tv, chat with Gary or work out.   I still have an average of one session per month (prebooked family sessions, engagement sessions or volunteer church/school sessions) so I won't get `rusty'.  Super thankful that I've been asked to sub even though they haven't always been full days.  Any money is better than none!

{Pretend there is a photo here of Gary and I chatting about our day}

10.  Gary's on the Trim Healthy mama (papa?) plan with me!  He will not be sharing how much he's losing but he's doing well :) I'm very proud of him for reducing his sugars/carbs and increasing his exercises.   I will not post a picture of his belly here but maybe after a few months I will!

I hope you are having a great week!!



  1. i also appreciate the family photos - such a great way to look back and remember the time when...or to appreciate what you have now. ps love nyas jean jacket
    good job for u and gary following the trim mama/papa plan - will be some good competition for run for the cure eh? just kidding:) kind of. setting good examples for your kiddos eating healthy and exercising

  2. 1. Great picture!
    2. Yum :)
    5. looooove fall!
    6. Winner :)
    7. AMEN!

  3. You all look great! I love getting family pictures done each year even though I'm not the most photogenic but I've figured out who I got that gene from... my dad! Good for you for sticking to the trim mama plan. I've got friends who are doing it. Sundre is offering a program that runs out of Calgary called, Fit Metabolism so that's what Spencer is getting back into. I love the Gap Factory store :) Great dress!