Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hidden Garden Cookie Review

Our kids are great eaters.  Fruit, veggies, curry, sushi, thai, anything...they are good, well, as long as it does not involve mushrooms.   What if your kids didn't love eating vegetables?  Catherine Anderson, the founder of Hidden Garden, had this problem with her daughters.  She was a corporate lawyer from Horseshoe Bay, B.C. who ended up leaving her law practice to start her gluten-free cookie company just 10 months later. 

The Hidden Garden Gluten Free Cookies come in three flavours; Red Velvet Bites (with beets), Chocolate Chip Cookies (with pumpkin)  and Ginger Snaps (with squash).  The vegetable are dehydrated and then ground into the flour so that no nutrients are lost.   Baking gluten free can be tricky as I've found over the past few months.   These cookies use rice flour and potato starch and are crisp and delicious.  Gluten free AND filled with veggies, now that has to appeal to quite a few people!

Nya chose the Red Velvet Bites as her favourite which may have been due to them being the colour purple (from the beets).  I asked her what she would give them and she said `Four thumbs up!'.   Koen also declared them his top choice.

Can I tell you my favourite thing about them?  They are made in B.C!  I love supporting local businesses.  Also, when you look through the short and simple ingredient list, there isn't anything you wouldn't recognize in there.  Sodium bicarbonate is just baking soda :)

Gary's favourite cookie was the Chocolate Chip Cookie.   I have been eating very little sugar over the last few months so these seemed pretty sweet to me.   I think they could have less sugar in them and still taste awesome as it is the third ingredient for all three cookies.  

Kai's favourite cookie were the `Ginger Snaps'.   Koen loved checking out the packaging and I have to agree.  So simple and yet all the information you need is so easy to find.  

I'm definitely a fan of these cookies.  I would say that if we were required to eat gluten free, I would buy them for sure.  We are not a gluten free family so it will be more as a treat because of the cost of each bag.  They are $5.99 and there are about 18 cookies in each bag.

If  you are interested in purchasing them, you can buy them at Save-On Foods, Urban Fare, Nature's Fare, Safeway, Price Smart, London Drugs and Overwaitea.

Have you tried them? Would you buy them?


PS Did I mention my favourite?!  I can't pick.  Seriously.  Three way tie. Might be the Ginger Snaps if you made me choose.

**Disclaimer: We were provided with Hidden Garden cookies to sample.  These opinions are 100% our own.**

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  1. I didn't realize this was a BC company! That's awesome! I love the chocolate chip, and I'm definitely going to try the red velvet! Yum!