Monday, September 01, 2014

Taves Family Farms Applebarn

Years ago I saw a picture of a bunch of kids sitting on `Mater' at a place called the Applebarn and I knew we would have to go one day!  Usually people go in the fall to visit the pumpkin patch but we decided to enjoy it on a summery day when it was a little less busy.  We went on Saturday for a couple of hours and we all had a great time.  It's located in Abbotsford and is known as an `Agritourism Attraction'.

The cost for a family is $25.50 (or $29.50 if you want the tractor hayride too).  You can also go to the U-pick area for free, you just need to pay for what you purchase ($1/pound for the appples we  picked!).  Is it worth it the $25-$30?  Yes, it has the Chapman Stamp of Approval! Oh man, I really want to make a badge for that :)  They also have a special during the teacher's strike where an adult can go for free with each child (a child is $7.25).

The big bouncy pillow was very fun.  You can see one of the slides in the background.

See, I tried it too!

There are a lot of animals to check out there. You can also feed the goats corn for 25 cents.

We then did the corn maze!  Check the map first so you know which direction to head in.  They have a kid maze area first where the kids need to collect 5 different colours on their finger.  The colour combination they choose will tell them what task they need to perform (act like a ninja, charge like a bull etc).  The kids loved that part. 

Many times we heard Nya say `Look! I have a bracelet!' (wristband).

We then continued on and did the rest of the maze.  It was dry, dusty and humid in there.  Just warning you!  Fun though. It ws my first corn maze!

We did the hayride which takes you around the farm.  Nya and Koen really enjoyed it.  Kai just wanted to pick all the plums we passed.

We ended in the apple orchard picking 10lbs of apples.  It takes about 2 minutes to pick that much. 

It was a great way to spend two hours and we recommend it.    

I had to make a badge. This is meant to be funny. 

If you go, let me know what you think.  Make sure you take a quarter to feed the goats some corn!


**Disclaimer: We were given a family pass to the Applebarn and these opinions are 100% our own.**


  1. We love it there. Jason declared it a must for each fall. We took our Christmas card photo there last year. I'm hoping to pick up some apples for apple pie this season.

  2. That place looks great! Will have to add it to our list of places to check out with the kids. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the stamp of approval! we will very likely make this our pumpkin patch destination this year. so fun!

  4. That stamp of approval is awesome! Love it! I enjoy hearing your opinion about the places you visit. I have a few places filed away for a trip to the coast.

  5. Looks like an awesome place to check out! Wish we lived closer or knew sooner so we could have gone while we were home!

  6. We love it there too!

  7. Haha! Love the stamp of approval!

  8. I like your stamp of approval!

  9. I love hearing about all these places you recommend! A few of my friends have gone to Applebarn, but we have not... but now I am definitely thinking we need to! Especially since there is a Chapman Stamp of Approval on it! (love that stamp!)