Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Flying With My Dad

On Sunday I went flying with my dad.  I refused up until this point because I was afraid of heights and his plane is a bit....old.  After riding along with Brent Handy in a Pitts S-2B (highlight of my summer!), I realized I could do it.

My dad flew into the Langley Airport, from Chilliwack, and picked me up.  We went over a few safety items, like how to open the door in an emergency, and then off we went!

I like that it wasn't as high as I thought it would be.  It was a gorgeous day but this also meant it was a tad bit stuffy in the plane.

Mt. Baker above and the Westminster Abbey below.

We flew to the Sandpiper Golf Course to eat at the River's Edge Restuarant.  You see that gravel strip along the water? That's their landing strip!  Pretty wild to land right next to all of the golfers.

It takes about 20 minutes from the Langley Airport to fly to the Sandpiper Golf Course in Harrison.  Not bad!  We each had a salmon dinner.  I also interviewed my dad about his trip around Canada because I'm writing a piece on it.

Then it was back in the plane (Cessna 172) to head home!

We went to check out Harrison Hot Springs on the way back.   The five minute flight there from the Sandpiper is right between the mountains so it was a bit more bumpy than I'd like. We also had to fly above the electrical wires that cross between the mountains.

We love Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa and go once a year.

I think it's fun to fly with a purpose like going out to eat.  I'm not sure I would go up just to fly around.  Thanks, dad! I had a great time.   


PS The corn mazes looked really cool from the sky AND Sumas Mountain is way bigger than I thought!

Kelly-as per your comment, here's a picture of The Chilliwack Corn Maze!


  1. You have been very brave this summer! Great idea to interview your father and do a write up on his around Canada adventure. It will be a treasure for the whole family.

  2. Way to go!!!! How fun! :) Do you have any pictures of the corn mazes from up there?

  3. ok yeah, that is really cool! :) Thanks for adding it!

  4. I love that you did this, Louise. My uncle used to fly a four-seater Cessna, and although I only went in it a few times when I was younger, I loved it! He and my cousin and my dad did a trip to Alaska together probably about twenty years ago now (reading your stories about your Dad's trip reminded me) and they have some pretty crazy stories to go along with it. I am looking forward to reading what you are writing about your dad's trip (assuming you decide to share it). :-)

  5. Yay!! So glad you finally did this :)