Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

**There is a Christmas post below this one **

Thankful for...

1.  Christmas walk with the Chapmans to look at lights.  So nice to just have fresh air, exercise, and conversation.
2.  My parents camping with us all the time when we were younger.  And apparently some pretty sweet sunglasses!
3.  Christmas party with friends!  I may have enjoyed a glass (or three) of wine.
4.  Good movies.  I saw `12 Years a Slave' with Lynette.  It was such a powerful and sad movie.  I also saw `Catching Fire' with Gary.  Another good movie.  And, with two movies this past month, that is my yearly quota :)

5.  Twenty seven Christmases with my mom.  Well, I guess twenty six as I missed one when I was in Kenya.

6.  My dad making an effort to see my kids once a week.  So appreciate it.  Also, look at this picture of my dad at Kai's age!  See the resemblance?
7.  Koen's preschool.  So glad we found it.  It has been a perfect fit for him.

8.  Making it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro exactly 9 years ago.

9. Gary putting together our Amazing Race Canada video!  Lynette and I may have just applied :) Nope, not sharing the video:)

10.  The fact that I went to Kenya in 2004.  Changed my life.  If you ever have the chance to travel and experience other cultures, go for it. Do it.

Happy Thankful Thursdays!

Love, Louise


  1. You applied for Amazing Race?!?! That is SO SO SO cool :) Good luck!

  2. i like these little blasts from the past in this post!
    and um. amazing race?!?!?!?! YES!!!!

  3. We decided to apply a few months ago :) The only problem will be WHEN the race is as we have weddings booked. That would be the only thing preventing us from doing it!

  4. Amazing Race?!?!? I may have squealed. I would watch every single episode.

  5. Holy moley! I would totally get TV (haha!) just to see it!!!

    And I totally see Kai in that picture if your dad, but I also see you! I'm happy for your kids that they get to see him. Our kids are blessed that way too - they see their opa every night in the barn! Pretty special. Enjoy it.

  6. That would be so AMAZING if you and Lynette made it on The Amazing Race!!