Monday, December 30, 2013

19 Months

Yikes. So I'm a week behind.  I realized I did the monthly updates for the boys up to the age of two so I better continue with that!!  

Miss Nya is 19 months old now.  She is still teething and has a cold so she is a bit grumpier than normal but who cares, she still sleeps through the night!! Yahoo!!

She loves:
-going outside.  She `must' be wearing a hat, coat and shoes.  If you don't let her wear these things, you will hear all about it.
-she needs me to validate what she's saying or she will repeat it louder and louder (like our very own Koen).  Lights. LIGHTS! LIGHTS!  Yes Nya, there are lights.
-she loves to play with her dolls pushing them all over the house in the stroller.  They need to have a blankie on them.  
-she loves her My Little Pony underwear but hasn't played with her actual Ponies that she got for Christmas.
-dips (ketchup, mayo, sour cream etc)
-cheese and fruit
-to say people's names.  She especially loves saying `Hannah' `Georgie' and now `Joshie' after she just met her new friend.
-to be held.
-the boys pushing her around in the shopping cart.  As seen here:

She is still quite thin but healthily so.  Her hair is slowly coming in.  She naps from about 12:30-2 pm and then sleeps from about 7 pm to 7 am.  She still breastfeeds once/day.  She has her nap and goes to bed at night with a warm bottle of milk.  I know we should change this but it just helps her to calm down.  Otherwise, she is wild in her bed for about an hour.

We are so thankful for her.  I can totally see Kai's observant nature in her and then also Koen's goofy silly side.  Love you Miss Nya.

Love, Louise

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  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    oh boy, Lauren needs a sibling, that shopping cart looks like so much fun!!