Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lyn and Lou

This is a picture that totally makes me laugh.  Lynette and I have been best friends since grade 8.  Twenty three years of friendship.  Look at us back in the day.  So funny, yet awesome.
PS. Sheer sleeves were cool in 1992, I'm sure of it.  Also, bold and bright floral patterns. Obviously.
PS again: I hope that my kids make great friendships that last a lifetime. 
And again: Lynette, don't get mad that I posted're beautiful!  Then and now :)


  1. What a great friend! Ps I think the sheer sleeved outfit ended up in the dress up bin a few years later. ;)

  2. These pictures are fantastic!
    Sounds like a chaotic Xmas, hope you enjoyed it.