Friday, December 20, 2013

My Loves

Gary and Kai had a `Snow Day' today and the most amazing thing happened.  After Gary told me at 6:30 am that it was a snow day, I went back to sleep UNTIL 8 am.  That has got to be the longest sleep in for the past 1.5 years for sure! 

We took the sleds out, we made snowmen, and I went back into the house with Nya.
Gary is fighting a cold so I hope he gets better soon.  At least there is no vomiting in this house.  Colds are not really a big deal anymore as we are out of the baby stage.  Oh man, please let us avoid the flu!!

These kids are great. Seriously.  The fighting drives me bonkers, but other than that, pretty fun to be with them.  I cannot believe how much Nya is changing.  She just repeats everything we say and follows instructions amazingly well.  She loves to wear pretty dresses but refuses to wear anything in her hair (she has some hair, folks).

Totally looking forward to having two weeks off of work!!  

Have a great weekend.  Drive safely.

Love, Louise

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  1. Great picture :) Enjoy your two weeks with Gary home!