Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Bowling and Concerts

On Saturday we had our annual Dekens Bowling Party.  It's to celebrate Jackie (and now Hannah's) birthdays as they are just the days before Christmas so it's fun for them to have a special birthday.  We don't get together to celebrate anyone other adults birthday or there would be way too many get togethers but this is a good tradition!
This year we rented out the party room to have pizza first.  Great area for the kids to just run in circles.  Everyone was able to attend except for Doug and Jack Jr as they were at Dougie's work party.
I wish I had pictures of bowling but it was Cosmic Bowling!  I should note that meant that we all had bumpers up preventing the dreaded gutter ball.  First three places?  Gary, Tyler and Kai!   The five 1.5 year olds just ran up and down the ramp most of the time.  And yes, both Kai and Koen beat me.  I'm a terrible bowler.  Although, maybe if there was money
Sunday morning the boys had their church Christmas Concert.  Gary's parents (and one niece!), came to watch.  Nya LOVES grandpa so much (although you can't tell from this photo) and just stayed cuddled in his lap for half an hour for the performances and then I took her to the nursery.  
Koen was animated as always.  He wanted to ensure that Grandpa could hear him because sometimes grandpa's can't hear so well (that was what he told us).
He bowed after each song too (I think he learned that from preschool).
Here's a video.  He's on the far right.

Kai is definitely more serious and he may have yawned a time or two while singing :)  I have to say I'm sorta glad it's done because we listened to the same songs over and over in the van in order to learn them.  

Kai and Koen each have another Christmas concert this week.  Busy, busy!!

Love, Louise

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