Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for...

1.  Humidifiers.  This has been so great for all the kids when they were babies and especially for Koen as he really struggles with long lasting colds.  He almost seems asthmatic.  While Nya napped I put on a movie for him and put the humidifier right in front of him.

2.  Koen stepping up in the role of big brother.  

3.  Garlic bread on sale.  I love garlic bread and I know I can make it but I prefer the store bought but refuse to pay the price.  I always get our bread products from McGavins Discount Baker (10 item for $14) as we go through one loaf/day.  You never know what they'll have on discount but last week?  I got 8 loaves of garlic bread!

4.  Weather that doesn't get too cold here.  I'm a wimp.

5.  The fact that our kids like to play sports. It would be fine if they didn't but it is fun to bond that way!

6.  The laughs that my boys give me. Oh man, giggle fest in the hoisery department was nothing compared to Koen in the lingerie department.  Let's just say he needs no help in the anatomy department. (PS I had no idea Kai was holding that in the picture)
(PS They would never willingly come shopping with me to anywhere but Costco and Toys R Us but they had to shop for their cousins!)

7.  Conversations with Koen. 
Koen: Mom, will Santa bring God a gift?

Koen; Mom, will you help me pick out a good wife?
Me: Sure!  What is a good wife?
Koen: One who is a good cook and great cuddler!

Me: Koen, no matter what someone gives you, you say `thank you'.  Even if it's a bag of asparagus.

Koen: What does `crush' mean?
Me: It means someone likes you.
Koen: All my friends have a crush on me!

8.  Freckles and dimples. (Louise, Gary, Kai)
I guess I should also be thankful that my hair no longer looks like that!

9. Our church care group.  I would say the #1 way to feel part of a church community is to join a small group (ours is called a care group).  We learn, grow and pray together.  I love that we are all different ages and in different places in life.  I've been with some three of these couples since the fall of 2005!  Gary missed our Christmas social as he had a basketball game. 

10. Christmas Cookies.  So good.  We coated this type of cookie and this one in melted chocolate and sprinkles.  Yum!  I liked them so much I think I will get the boys to help make a bunch more for their classmates.

Hope you are having a great week!! I love that several other friends have started their own Thankful Thursdays, I totally enjoy reading them!

Love, Louise

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  1. Totally agree with you on #4!
    I love that your care group has people of all ages. I miss that in our bible study.