Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for...

1.  12:30pm. Nap time. Two hours without screaming/crying/whining.  One of the highlights of my day.  Don't bug me between 12:30-2:30 pm, that's my `go time!' :)
2.  My half hour one on one time with Kai.  I don't get to see a lot of Kai during the day.  He takes care of himself in the morning (gets his own breakfast etc)  and they are out of the door by 7:15 am.   I don't see him until 4:30 or 5 pm as Gary brings him home after work.  When Koen and Nya go to bed, we usually read together and on this night I was just watching him do his homework.  He really doesn't need any help but he doesn't mind some cuddling.  PS We keep our house at 19C and therefore are always wrapped in blankets at night!
3.  Movember is over.  Gary's mustache is gone. Yuck.  I bet there are very few babies born 9 months from now.  
4.  The boys excitement over advent and Christmas.  We have an advent calendar with family activities and then we also have this lego one that I found on discount two years ago.  The activities are all stuff that we would likely do anyway but it just gives them something to look forward to.  Examples so far; paint ornaments, walk around the neighbourhood to look at Christmas lights, have mint ice cream etc.  We've had to say that they can't open them until 7 am or Kai would wake Koen up with him (Kai gets up at 6 am every day).
5.  Girlie stuff in my home.  I'm glad it's not all Transformers, Cars and Star Wars.  Nya loves her babies.  I hope she's a tomboy though!
6. Sears KidVantage Warranty.  I just discovered this via the wonderful world of facebook.  As long as I keep the receipt, I can replace these jeans when Kai OR Koen wears them out.  Kai gets holes in every single pair of his jeans because he plays so many sports at school and it's gotten quite costly.  I buy second hand ones, new ones, nothing seems to help.  So, fortunately my kids don't care what they wear so these may not be the most styling jeans (I also got a pair of skinny jeans) but they will save me a lot over the long run.  I got two pairs at $10 each (on a Sears Day so at least 50% off) and now they will be guaranteed for the next 3 years at least (as long as someone in the home wears that size).  Their KidVantage warranty is good on all kids shoes and clothes!

7.  My `Real Simple' subscription.  I'm frugal and this is one of my `splurges'.  I think it's maybe $25/year?  I made the mashed potatoes and ginger carrots this week.  With salmon. LOVE salmon.  Anyway, I really like this magazine.
8.  Big hugs.  Miss Nya is teething (4 more to go!  Well, then we have the 2 year molars) and this has made her very grumpy but also very cuddly.  She loves hugs from her mama and would do this as long as I let her.  Thankfully she is just 22 lbs!
9.  Koen's zest for life.  I would say that 9/10 people make a comment about it within a minute of meeting him.  He's chatty. He's energetic. He's bursting with excitement.  The lady beside me at swimming lessons `Wow, he is enthusiastic'.  The fireman at the firehall for a field trip `Wow. Did you have any more kids after him?' (Implying he was awesomely exhausting).  Here I tried to get a picture of them in front of the tree in their bedroom and he just had to throw stuff around...he cannot sit still.  I wonder if I've said this one before...?
10.  The first snowfall.  I don't know if it counts as we had a touch of snow on Monday.  Koen, Nya and I went for a walk in it.  Koen said, as we were walking out of the  house, `This is going to be epic!'.  Nya just started in amazement and giggled with glee.  I know I'm emotional but I seriously had tears in my eyes from her amazement.  I don't have a picture of the snow as it was very dark out but this is when we came back in.  

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Love, Louise


  1. I really enjoy reading these posts. I think this is something that I would like to start doing. It really is amazing how much perspective changes when we are focused on the MANY blessings around us.
    Love the comment about movember.....very funny.

  2. #3. HA - I believe it :)
    #6. SO glad you did this...we wouldn't benefit from it but for people who would, best idea ever!
    #7. awesome :)

    I did my first TT today! :)

  3. Ashley-do it!

  4. I love how similar our boys are. The hairdresser said, "he sure talks a lot" the other day with Adam. One thing
    I realized today, is that he is super awesome to be around when I just have him ;)

    1. Terri, the dentist said the same about koen. Guess we have to get them together and see what happens :)

  5. Love the pictures of you and Kai. Your new hair looks great!

  6. Good ol' Movember... both of my kids are born 9 months from now... but not because of Movember at all! It's our anniversary on the 30th so I've got two "anniversary babies."
    Thank you for doing this. I've got a journal that I do my list of thanks in. I quite enjoy it.

  7. Kelsey-two anniversary babies?! That is amazing and awesome and kinda funny :) Are you sure it wasn't the moustache that did it for ya?
    Love that you are journaling!