Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

**I have three Christmas concerts today!!  Totally forgot about this until my friend Ali reminded me!!**

Thankful for...
1.  Gary's parents taking our boys to go pick a Christmas tree and then go to McDonalds.  The fact that they get a Happy Meal from McDonalds is the highlight:)

2.  The book `The five Love Language of Children'.  I've gotten a few great tidbits from it on how to fill your child's `love tank'.  I would recommend it, especially if your child is 4 and up.

3.  Tim Hortons Donuts.  YUM.  I took the kids to get one and crazy Nya only liked the sprinkles so I may have helped her with the rest.

4.  Summer vacation!!  I booked our camping trip to Nehalem Bay State Park. Such good memories and this time two of my sisters and their families are coming along!! 

5.  Spring Break!  This week I booked our stay in Ucluelet.  We've been doing it since Kai was 1.5 years old, such a great tradition!  This year we are staying in a cheap place so we can stay an extra night and we are taking Gary's parents with us!

6. Koen passing `Sea Urchin'in swimming lessons.  Love the teachers he has had.  They really `get' him and he has them laughing a lot :)  I have Kai and Koen signed up for January.  We'll see how it goes taking all three kids while Gary has basketball.  We celebrated by going to the Tot Romp at the community center right afterwards.  Koen was a bit old for it but had fun:) 

7.  Gary being so great at spending quality time with our kids.  Totally one of Kai's love languages.

8.  Being able to take the kids to Gary's game!  It was totally last minute.  His games are usually at 8pm but this one started at 6:15 pm so we got to watch the first quarter which started with a slam dunk by his center! Pretty great.  They have started the seasons with two wins and zero losses in league games! Yay! 

9.  Finding a second hand size 18-36 month sleep sack for Nya.  $5.  Yahoo!

10.  My new exercise bike!  From Costco.  Delivered to my door.  Less than $200.  This is the worst picture of me ever but when you're in a hurry to get to a Christmas concert, you will post a bad picture of yourself to get the list done!!

Enjoy that snow that's coming tonight!
Love, Louise


  1. Joanna3:42 PM

    Love the author of this book...Gary Chapman!

  2. Looks like it's been a great week! Have fun at all of those Christmas concerts!

  3. very interested in that book...i have the original one but want to read the kids one especially since our kids are 5+ now and I am certain their love languages are fairly determinable now.

  4. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Whatever bad picture!! Your arms look awesome! :)