Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Safety: Too Hot For Tots

At a time when gas and wood fireplaces are burning, and hot beverages are aplenty, I just wanted to give a reminder about safety.  Last year we turned off our gas fireplace because even with the pilot light on, it was too hot and Koen had burnt his hand on it once.  I can't have my eye on that fireplace at all times so off it stays (and we save money...and are cold. ha).  Although your kids may be responsible, what about guests?  What about that `one time'?

This week after church, it was busy as usual.  The adults drank coffee and the kids ran around.  Gary went to pick Kai up at the same time that grandpa went for a hug.  Coffee spilled on Kai and he started crying immediately.  I arrived at that point seeing Kai crying and coffee all over his shirt and arm.  I didn't think and went straight into reacting.  I gave Nya to Gary, grabbed Kai and whipped off his shirt (the fact that he let me do this in public made me think even more that it must be serious), and ran to the nearest sink so have cold water running over his arm/neck.  Upon assessment, I saw that his neck and shoulder were just red and there was no serious burn but we kept the water running.  I asked if grandpa had cream in his coffee and he did which had brought the temperature down significantly. At this point, I thought I was possibly overreacting.  However, I think it's safest to assume the worst right? I don't know.

The thing that confused me was why Kai was crying.  He was saying that it hurt, so I'm sure it did.  I think some of his tears came from being afraid.  Just last week, his teacher had coffee spill on her face and arm that was very serious.  She ended up in the ER several times.

I watched this video last year which made me be aware of the cords in our kitchen and our gas fireplace.  I'm sure no one wants to watch the 17 minute version but you can watch that website.  Instead, here is a 3 minute version. Take the time. Please.

And on the note of safety...please read my friend Tessa's blog about their recent serious scare regarding pool safety.  



  1. oooh - what a close call your friend had. Glad that Kai wasn't burned.

  2. ACK scary. This is an excellent reminder for me with Noah running around!!!