Wednesday, December 04, 2013

22 lbs of Hard Work

Nya has been teething.  They are the last 4 before the 2 year molars.  These ones are taking forever and the grumpy factor is going way up.  So, I'm not sure if she's out of sorts from the teething but yesterday she decided that she was just going to pee in her pants.  Three times.  So frustrating!! Fortunately she didn't do it while we were out but she did it all day at home.  This really came out of nowhere so I'm sticking with it but after two weeks of great success, I hope this is short lived!  She is just so grumpy that Koen just has to LOOK at her and she loses it.  
Here is a sample video of our days with her now.  Maybe don't watch it if you still want to think of her as a sweet little girl.
We had a good snuggle before bed to end on a high note.


  1. Ugh teething is the worst. Asher has been fussing over it for weeks now and still no teeth!

  2. Yeah, teething is awful. i remember those bear-ish days!! I hope it passes quickly for you (and her!)

  3. Even that video was the cutest! She is the cutest! Even though Adam is older, he had a moment of screaming the other day and when I asked him what was the matter he told me that "Noah is staring at me". Oh my.