Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

1.  The Boys Menchies Fund.  The boys are collecting cans and bottles so that they can go to Menchies again.  We don't drink pop or juice boxes usually so it takes a long time to get the money.  They are thankful that I drink beer and wine, although definitely not enough to be beneficial to them:)  They also raid gramma and grandpa's recycling bin.  Here they dove in for a can that snuck into the recycling bin.  They may have taken home everyone's empties at the Run For The Cure:)  So far with their bottle collection, they have been once.  This also means that no  matter where we are (our family photo shoot, test driving vans), they are picking up gross bottles to bring home.   If anyone would like to donate to their fund and rid themselves of their cans and bottles....
2.  PMS tea.   It actually works a little. Not  as awesome as a bottle of wine, I'm sure, but safe to take during the day:)  I've been trying to find something that makes me a little nicer to Gary during my crazy `hormonal shift'.   I got it from Nature's Fare.
3. Nya putting on make up with me.  It is sooooo cute when she crawls on the bench next to me. Unfortunately, she is messy and I may have to stop her from joining me but eek, it's so cute!
4.  Cousins.  So blessed with so many cousins that all live so close.  The Chapman ones are older but they still let our kids participate in their activities and they love our kids.
The Dekens' side is basically a sweet gong show every time. Love it. 12 kids in 7 years.  Awesome. Baby Grace is not in this photo.
5.  Work.  I love that I have a job that is flexible. I can work and take care of my kids and stay in my yoga  pants.  I can make as little or much money as I want  depending on how busy  I want to be.
6.  Lauren.   Nya's bff  is almost one and possibly the cutest kid out there. And when I say `cute', I mean not only is she adorable but her personality is amazing.  This weekend, she  just crawled into my lap and snuggled me and I melted.  Lynette and Bryan have been `mom and dad' for almost a year now.  So awesome. 
7.  Coupons.  I love a good deal!  I usually only get stuff on sale and it just feels so good.  Talking about that, I usually buy the coupon books later into the fall when they are half price but they lowered  the price this year to $30.  Perfect.
8.  My wrist rest.  I have pretty bad wrists so this saves the day with the hours of editing.  The paper that it sits on is actually something from about 8 years ago or so.  It is from my old job where people wrote encouraging things to me on it.
9.  Friends.  This picture has been on my fridge for, uh, almost 8 years?!  I was pregnant with Kai in this picture.  I appreciate these  two because they aren't afraid to speak the truth to me and I know our friendship is valued.  Ali is also in the parenting stage with three young kids with me which means we are navigating this chaos (of wild boys and minivan stress) together.  
10.  Okay, I am trying to be thankful for a new van.  I'm not sure I am. to phrase it.  I am thankful that the van buying process is complete and we have a `new' van and I am thankful that we found one that works within our budget.  We got a Toyota Sienna.  I will maybe blog more on it later as I have a lot to say but I think it is probably beyond boring.  There was one van that was better than this one (this was #2 out of 5 on our list) but it was $3000.00 more (same year but had an 8th seat that we didn't need, lower km's, and pristine condition).  Maybe we should've gone for the best one but I feel comfortable with our decision.  Somehow having a van with dings in it makes me feel less nervous about the kids destroying it.
PS. Wanna giggle?  This was 5 years ago when we bought our Honda.  I was very pregnant with Koen and  apparently  only had short shirts? What the heck am I wearing?!  As an emotional note, that is my dad's house in the background, before it was torn down :(
This van has taken us to Alberta twice (loved Drumheller), Green Lake and Vancouver Island numerous times, and camping in Oregon.  I am usually a very sentimental person but we did not have a great  relationship with this van as it was not reliable.  I have mixed feelings. 

I would just like to say that doing my Thankful Thursdays has really helped me to focus on the positives throughout my week. I would recommend it:)   Just don't put pressure on yourself to do 10 or pictures or whatever. 

Have a wonderful weekend. We are almost there.
Love, Louise


  1. Love gary's look on the 5 year old pic of the van. So Gary!!
    Let's ask Gary if the PMS tea is working....

  2. I love your thankful Thursdays :)

  3. I still have the papers that the staff at FVCH wrote on. I think we did it twice while I was there. It sure reminds me of the power of words of encouragement. I just need to remember to do the same with others more often!

  4. I'm thinking of doing thankful Thursdays but would then only have Stephen to share with?!?! Let me know how the boys bottle collecting goes;) hope they were happy with their stash

  5. Nut, they were so pumped with your stash of bottles!!! And, totally do it with stephen. Although, I asked Gary for just three and everything he said is inappropriate. Of course.

  6. Lauren is sooooo cute! OH my! :)
    and yay van! Do say more about it. i like that sort of boring thing ;)

  7. joanna de jong3:20 PM

    Louise, I have a lot of bottles just waiting to be picked up!


  8. I smile every time I see that pic on your fridge :) Wow we have been friends for a long time!