Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Quick Thinking

I don't usually drive Kai to school, but this morning I did.  On the way, I wanted to stop and take some pictures of the sunflowers in the sun as I've been meaning to do it for weeks.  Kai, worried we would be late, said, `I think if we are late, we have to pay money'.  Ha, quick thinking buddy.  He knows what would deter me.  I didn't stop so will have to get that shot soon.  If you've ever driven down 80th in the Surrey farmlands as the sun rises, you know it's beautiful.  There's a perfect spot at 80th and 184th that is gorgeous on a foggy morning as the sun peaks through.  I hope the sunflowers last a few more weeks....

And not related; someone really loves dada.  Aw, Gary with his daughter. Pretty sweet.  
PS In case you actually believed Kai, there are no late fees for dropping your kids off late:)

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  1. I will forward to those sunflower pictures!