Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for...

1.  Hearing positive feedback about my husband.  The night before, Gary and I had just talked about how it's often hard in teaching to know that you are appreciated.  On Friday, while I was subbing, we had `Homeroom' groups.  It's where about 15-20 students from grades 8-12 meet with a specific teacher to connect.  This week we talked about the school and what they loved and didn't love about it.  First of all, it seemed that every single person loved the school because the students were so friendly and that the teachers really cared.  Secondly, several students pointed out how they really liked Mr. Chapman.  He is funny and he teases them.  I always worried when Gary talked about bugging kids, what if they were laughing on the outside but crying on the inside?  But one student said, `He knows me well enough to make fun of me and know that I would like it' and I get that.  Because Gary makes fun of me too:)  Some also mentioned how they appreciated the teachers that open up the gym early and coach etc.  It really helps me to be reminded of this so I don't complain when it disrupts our lives.

2.  My kitchen mat.  We've had it for about a year.  It's one of those squishy mats from Costco that makes cooking a whole lot more comfortable!
3.  The heart that Koen made me last Mother's Day.  Very often, when we get in the van, it reminds Koen about his love for me and he says `I love you mommy!'.  Then, we often talk about how the red bead is a symbol for the red Tassimo coffee maker he won for me:)
4.  Sunshine.  Oh man, the sun has been out and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it.  I feel like I should book 100 sessions for this weekend but I'm sticking to the one.
5.  Gary is home tonight!!!  He's been gone hiking in Manning with his LEAD class all week.  The kids are excited to see him and I'm happy too.  Yesterday I felt quite sick so it was a rough day, especially since my nights are not always fantastic.  And can I tell you what made me stay so calm?  My only goal for the days was to take care of the kids and minimal housework. I would really only work and do emails etc at night.  That way, I wouldn't get frustrated when I couldn't get something done.  
6.  That Gary normally brings Kai to and from school.  It was fine this week but tricky when we had to be somewhere else by 9 am.  We don't live close to the school so it just means getting up and out of the house earlier than we'd like in order to drop Kai off and drive another 30 minutes.  This was us getting out of the house this morning...Nya also has her hair gelled.  She likes to be like the boys.
7. Gary and I got a night away.  So good. So thankful.  Need to do that more.  So glad we decided to work on `us' more with books, podcasts, prayers and conversations.  Should have started sooner.
8.  Chapter 6 of `Simplicity Parenting'.  It's about Filtering Out the Adult World.  A lot of it has to do with tv but this was a good challenge to me as I often talk with my kids about adult stuff.  There are some things that I should wait on.  I like this quote: ` I'm reminded of the road sign: CAUTION; BRIDGE FREEZES BEFORE ROAD.  The bridge is  more vulnerable to frost because it lacks a foundation.  The earth below the road provides grounding and warmth.  In the same way, too much information can freeze a child.  Not only do they lack context for the information, they lack the foundation that childhood slowly provides; the foundation of years of relatively safe observation, interaction, and exploration.'

It's a balance right.  You want your kids to know about the world, to care about it, but you don't want to scare them.
9.  Smiles.  My momma was not one for make up.  She just taught us that a smile on your face was more beautiful that anything else you put on.  So true right? Although, I won't go anywhere without mascara.
10.  8 pm.  Freedom. Ha.  No picture of that.  Sorry :)


  1. nice costco mat! my parents bought one and loved it so they got a second one!

  2. #4...i KNOW, right? I have 3 this weekend and am so tempted to move all my sessions for the next month into this weekend. Ha! :)

  3. Great list again!

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Hi! I purposely came here today as I thought "I wonder what 10 things she has this week" - thank you for this!!
    I love that you got a weekend away, and that #3 made the transition over with the new van. As for #10, I suspect that would show something like a glass of wine and sweat pants...wishing you an excellent weekend!

  5. #8 picture would be of a glass of wine!

  6. Kelsey and Tia, yes, 8 pm does look a lot like that:)