Sunday, October 06, 2013

Run For The Cure 2013

Today we participated in the Run for the Cure. Again. Every year.  It was a GORGEOUS day and so it was perfect.  This day is primarily to honour my mom and then also to raise support to fund cancer research.  I know there has been some information going around about how terrible they are at fundraising (they have a D-) and how much actually ends up going to research.  However, a friend of mine is going through treatment right now and says that she supports it as it allows her to try new drugs.  Overall the charity has a B- I believe.

Onto more positive things...everyone was there except  for Steve and my sister Jan.  However, Maria's friend Tessa joined us again which was nice.
I have not run 5 km in about 6 months as I've just been to tired/sick/busy.  I've run 3 km about once/week but that's it.  So, I thought I would run it with Kai so it would be okay to walk:)
Little did I know that he would be able to run the whole thing!  We had a slow and steady pace going and by the 4 km mark, he just took off and I `let' him go.  He finished in 35:15.  I was 20 seconds behind him. I was shocked that he could run it no problem, it was amazing to me.  Although,  I guess if he can do the Grouse Grind, he can run 5 km!  I kept saying `Kai, do you want to walk?' and he would just say, `No matter what, I'm not walking'.  He's a bit competitive:)  Where could he get that from?
Gary pushed Nya and Koen in the double jogging stroller.  He let them out so they could finish the race.  He was the second double stroller in this year...he better pick up the pace next year! Ha.  Koen is convinced he will run it next year.  Put Kai in front of him, and he will!
Nya and Hannah being cute together pre race.
My running buddy:)
I have had a very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery busy few weeks with weddings, sessions and subbing (and life).  I feel exhausted.  Thankfully I now have almost two weeks `off' to work on those photos.  Nya has been a little more needy/annoying lately.  I feel bad saying that but she has been frustrating me when I feel that she is constantly screaming for something.  She has also been up before 6am the past few days as well...  

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Kai and I were talking during the run about how my mom was probably cheering us on.  I was so proud of him.  Not his time necessarily but just his determination.  You can do a lot with a little determination!

Love, Louise


  1. Yeah, no idea where kai gets his competitiveness from? HA
    I loved running / walking with Annika and Rebekah. So fun. I hope year after year we can continue to run with more and more of our kids. And yes, they will start to beat us, that's ok. I loved the weather, so beautiful and I love that mom would be smiling down and loving how we all get together to remember her and try to create a better future.

  2. Way to go Chapman family! What an incredible thing you are teaching your children too. And a wonderful way to remember your mother :)

  3. Go Kai!!!!
    So awesome - i love how you do this every year. what a way to honor your mom!