Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

1.  Gary having the energy to teach Kai how to read a recipe and bake.  Math and Yumminess all in one.  And I guess Awesomeness that my husband can bake.
2.  They made Ponderosa Cake!  One of my favourite things from my UBC days (you could get it in the cafeteria).  
3.  Rainbows!  We've had so much rain but also several rainbows this past week.  You can't help but be amazed and the kids love it.
4.  Wrestle Time!  Koen and Nya especially love this time with Gary.  They are very physical kids and need it.  Nya is a wild one and will stand on top of a couch and jump off onto Gary.  Kai doesn't always join in but Nya and Koen do it nightly.  I'm terrible at wrestle time, I feel like I'm going to pop my uterus or something.

5.   Nya talking in the monitor when she should be sleeping.  It is adorable.  I caught her here at the very end but I could listen to it all day.  You don't have to listen, if it's not your child it's pretty boring:)

6. The singing Wiener birthday card.  It is so annoying but it brings our kids so much happiness.  It was from Gary's mom for his birthday back in August.  `I'm so glad it's your birthday, I hope you have a great day!  Help yourself to some tasty treats, I am made of mystery meat!  It's Wiener, wiener, wiener, no other word is as fun!  I hope you have a happy birthday, hope it's a home run!'.
(You can see a video of Nya loving it below after refusing to sign `please')

7.  My mouse pad.  The kids gave it to me last year for my birthday so Kai wrote this when he just turned 6. So cute.
8.  Our kitchen table.  Gary's parents gave us money when we got married and we used it to buy our kitchen table and chairs.  It is so scratched up but that just means it is used all day long, every day.  We eat out as a family maybe once every 2 months so pretty much every meal is around this table together!
9.  Nya's obsession with the book `Corrie Ten Boom'.  It's hilarious because it's not something a little kid would want to read and whenever I ask her to pick a book, she comes running with this one.  I think she just likes the feeling of the pages flipping through her fingers.  My oma gave it to me when I was 11 years old.
10.  Nya's squeak squeak shoes. She loves to wear them.  They get annoying VERY fast but I sometimes let her wear them in the house because then I know where she is at all times....
You can see her love for her `Squeak Squeak's' in the video below.

Happy Thankful Thursdays!

Love, Louise


  1. The baby monitor can be a source of cuteness (in this case)'but often the source of anxiety, especially watching those red lights shoot up!!! And good choice in books Nya, corrie ten
    Boom is a solid read;)

  2. Good thing you didn't help kai with the missed #4. :)
    Btw-Love thankul Thursday!

  3. Leah!!!! Thank you :) Just added a good one for #4. Phew.

  4. Lol. So. Popping your uterus totally made me bust a gut laughing! I think that is the best 'excuse' to not wrestle! My kids don't like wrestling me, as soon as Spencer is home I'm chopped liver for playing.

  5. Like Leah - I love these Thankful Thursday posts too.

  6. Oh and I also love Ponderosa Cake! They had the recipe for it in The Province years ago and my mama has been making it ever since and I've gotten the Alberta Girls hooked on it too!