Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

I had hoped to take nice photos for Thankful Thursdays but this week....lame old iPhone ones.  Sorry!  
 My Thankful Thursday.

1.  My dad comes by almost every other Tuesday for a very short visit.  He lives in Abbotsford but on Tuesday evenings he gets together with his friends out this way.  On that day he usually tries to visit most of his daughters.  He tends to conveniently come at dinner time...I usually get the text that he's coming 5 minutes before hand:)   On this night, I had made dinner a bit fancier (table cloth, wine, candles and ribs).  Nya loves Opi!
2. Koen is very good at playing independently.  This is key for me being a work at home mom who only gets 2 hours in the daytime to work (when Nya works).  The rest of the time I have to work once the kids are all in bed.  Koen loves to build forts and make them cozy.  He also sometimes gets to watch a movie in there:)
3.  Emails from sisters.  There are usually 5-20 emails a day from my sisters.  There are also texts on top of that.  I love it.  We all know what we are doing/thinking most of the time!
4.  Nya gives Kai hugs.  It's adorable.  Here she is greeting him when he comes home from school. 
5.  Cousins.  So many buddies for our kids to play with!  Here is Nya with Georgie and Kenzie.  We watched them while Maria had `me time' getting a wisdom tooth pulled:)
6.  The look Kai gets while chewing gum.  He just started getting gum this year...sometimes when Gary is driving him home after school he lets him have a piece.  Kai saunters up to the door chewing `casually' to see if I'll notice how cool he is.  It's cute.  On this day he had just had a dodgeball game after school...serious business with the face paint!
7.  Books.  I love, love, loooooooooooooove reading.  I feel that in the past 5 years, that I've had less time to read.  When I was a pre-teen, I used to max out the number of books we were allowed from the library and read a book/day.  I just read this book, it's sort of Hunger Game-ish.  I'm not on the second one of the series:)  I like it.  It takes away from my editing time but maybe that's a good thing.  I should probably read while on the stationary bike to use my time even more wisely:)
8.  Bath time.  Whenever Nya is a bit grumpy after dinner, then a bath is the perfect remedy.  It makes her soooo happy.  
9.  Apple pie with ice cream.  Kai wanted to make an apple pie and so Gary did it with him while I was working.  Good job, daddy!  It is my favourite dessert.  Also, I love the bowls we eat them in.  They are the ones that I had growing up so they always make me think of my mom.  Every single time.
10.  The basement.  Three years ago we finished it and I am so thankful it's there.  From 5:45-6:30 pm, the kids are sent down there to play so Gary and I can clean up, catch up, relax for a few seconds before the bed time routine starts.  Koen and Nya are in bed at 7pm and Kai goes at 8pm.
Have a wonderful day!
Love, Louise

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  1. I love the comment about Maria having me time to get her wisdom tooth pulled. I was thinking I needed a dentist appointment for some necessary stop and do nothing time.