Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

This year we had plans to visit the Apple Barn for the first time. However, on Wednesday our van fell apart and we heard on Friday that it was the transmission.  Again.  We put a new one in 4 years ago so it's very frustrating.  We've put $7,000 into this van in the last 5 years.  However, I'm beyond the financial cost of this now and just want it done.  We need a new van ASAP and I would like to try to salvage some money from our Odyssey.   We are looking to buy a Toyota Sienna or a Dodge Caravan.  I am so incredibly thankful that Gary's dad is navigating this process for us.  It is extremely time consuming and therefore, we had to cancel plans with friends on Friday and then this morning, we just went to a local patch for 15 minutes so the kids could pick a pumpkin each.  Let's be honest, I'm also in the `don't spend any  money!' mode as we will now have to buy a new van without getting any money for our old one.  Last night I couldn't sleep as I was thinking about where to tow our van to and what new one to buy and how much to spend etc.

I am not mad about the money anymore.  I do usually keep things in perspective.  I know these are first world problems.  I know that there are way more important things in life.  I can be frustrated, but I know we have so much to be thankful for.   Like our healthy kids, a good marriage (we're working on it!) and pumpkin patches to explore.

{Nya's Choice}
{Kai's Choice.  Koen took way too long to decide the perfect one so I helped him.}

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  This weather is unbelievable and hopefully we'll have a chance to enjoy it.  Gary's heading out to test drive a few more vans....

Love, Louise


  1. Boo about the van. Yay for pumpkin patches (and gorgeous weather!)

  2. Sorry about the van:( We're trying to make vehicle decisions too and it's never fun.
    By the your new haircut!!

  3. Yay love the pumpkin patch. But I'm sorry to hear about your van. Vehicles suck :(

  4. Too bad we didn't live closer! We just traded in our '04 Toyota Sienna van - It had served us so well all these years. We have downsized now.

  5. The photo of Nya picking her pumpkin is waaaaaaay too cute. It almost looks like she is glancing up to ask, 'Is this one okay, Daddy?"

  6. Carol-we're looking to buy that same van:) Too bad you weren't closer! Would be nice to know the owner!
    Al-test drove 3. Gary is taking his dad to check one out tonight. HOpefully we have a `new' van by Thursday.
    Caryn-I thought the same thing!! Seriously, seeing her toddle around all of the pumpkins was so cute, she could've done it for hours. That will be your Emily next year!