Sunday, October 20, 2013

Harrison Getaway

Gary and I just got back from a quick getaway.  On Saturday afternoon, we brought the kids to his parents house and then we continued on to Harrison Hotsprings.  On our way, we hit up the Bottle Depot and thanks to Auntie Trisha (Nut), we have enough for a Menchies Trip!  The kids LOVE the sorting and I tried not to be grossed out by all the yuckiness of the depot and the fact that Nya was trying to drink from the bottles.

We said `Goodbye' to our Honda which is at their house as we are trying to get $1200.00 for it.  Any takers? Needs a new transmission or it won't move.  Also, the right sliding door needs a new motor.  Otherwise, decent vehicle:)
On the way we stopped at the Cactus Club for lunch (gift cards!) and then went to check into our hotel.

  We then went hiking, in the pools, out for dinner, back to the pools, reading (well, Gary watched sports), walk around the lagoon, drank wine (well, I did)etc.  It was so weird to have so much time together! I feel like we had a months worth of quality time in just 24 hours.
 It was relaxing and restful.  I was feeling a little like `oh my goodness, cram as much relaxing as we can in!! How do we do that?! What should we do?! Hurry! Relax!'.    I'm still exhausted as I think it would take 3 days of being without the kids to be `normal', whatever that means.
Gary's parents brought the kids to our house last night and then my sister Maria slept over here with them (and had to do bedtime and wake up with them).   We do love being with our kids and were happy to see them again and look forward to going back to Harrison with them next time.
And seriously.  I thought I would sleep until 9 am for sure.  I woke up at 6:30 am!!  Gary was up too so we went for a morning walk:)   

Thank you to our family for watching our kids!!  It was a great time.  
PS Not sure the pools are as fun without the kids.  We sat in it for half an hour and were like, `Uh, what do we do?'. 


  1. New family pictures! They're great!

    Sounds like a nice little get away. I know I get similar feelings when Sean is on holidays. I want to do fun things, and relax, and catch up on chores, and spend time together, and fit in time alone and it's overwhelming:)

  2. sounds like so much fun! Except the pool...i know, right? what do you do in there if you don't have kids and you're not swimming laps?? :)

  3. Kelly, the pools are nice because they are warm mineral pools but ya, you can only sit in there for so long. Maybe if you had a bunch of friends and could hang out in there? I noticed a lot of people had coffee mugs full of something:)

  4. That's funny, when ever Mark & I go to a hotel with a pool, we just swim a few laps, then sit in the hot tub, then swim a few more laps. Then we think, now what?

  5. I LOVE that you have your kids collect refundables for a treat like Munchies. It's a good lesson for kids to learn how much money it take for something special you want. I suggest going to the recycling place on a weekday, they are less busy & sticky then on a Saturday.

  6. Maria-totally would do a weekday except Kai wants to be part of it so we have to do it on the weekend. Usually we do Sunday as there is one right next to our church so we don't have to spend $5 in gas just to get to one:)
    Also, we saved up bottles for YEARS to help fund our disneyland trip when we were kids. It helped that we lived right beside the drive in movie theatre!

  7. So nice for you to getaway! And I loved your comment about feeling like you needed to "hurry up and relax"... I think I would feel the same.

  8. Without kids = stay in adult / quiet pool and hit up the bar by the pool, or the "coffee mugs". Just saying :)

  9. Maria-we noticed the `coffee mugs' right away:)
    Ali-he has a bunch of nice ones but doesn't wear them often as he prefers shorts and T-shirts. He knows I like them though so on special occasions they come out:)

  10. Sounds like a great trip!! Love your new family photos :)