Saturday, October 26, 2013

17 Months

I'm a little late on the 17 month post but better late than never.  I've always said that the 18 month stage is my favourite.  However, as we are approaching it, I'm not so sure.  I love my baby girl.  Very much.  However, the older she gets, the stronger her personality, and man, does she have a stubborn streak!  I feel like I'm getting glimpses of teenage Nya and it scares me a little.  

She will arch her back and go into seastar mode so you can't get her in her carseat.  She will punch me in the face repeatedly if I try to pick her up when she doesn't want me to.  Just this week, she ripped out my earring (with a backing!) because I took her out of Koen's preschool class.  She does not want my help while walking up and down stairs.  Who knew a 20 something pound girl could hurt you so bad!  If I look at her wrong, I get the biggest glare.  She is the grumpiest with me after a nap.   I know my  mom is smiling about this because this attitude sound like 14  year old Louise (although I never hurt my mom physically, just my sister Maria).  

Now I will focus on the good stuff.  

-She love her baby and she LOVES receiving blankets (she calls them bubi's).  
-She loves books and especially `Brown Bear, Brown Bear' (which I am so tired of!!).  
-She eats almost anything and everything.  She especially loves our morning smoothies and grapes.
-She loves music and has some sweet moves.
-She loves watching our fish `Swimmy'.
-She has started calling Gary and I `Daddy' and `Mommy' instead of `Dada' and `Mama' and it is sooooooo cute.
-She has many, many words; apple, baba (banana), cat, dodi (doggie), up, Dai (Kai), mommy, daddy, baby, bubi, poo, buba (bottle), one, two, fower (flower), peas (please)...
-She has 1-2 bottles per day and 1-2 bf per day.  I'm thinking of continuing through the winter to try to keep her healthy?  Also, selfishly, with all her meanness to me (hitting/glaring), I crave the sweet times.  I definitely never planned on doing this.  I just thought  I would do it until she was one.
-She love, love, looooooooves her daddy.  I would say more than the boys at this age.   Where they may have craved more snuggles and affection from me, she craves that physical-ness from him.  
-She goes on the toilet several times a day as she will tell me  she needs to go by lifting up her shirt and saying `poo'.  I'm thinking of `potty training' her (putting her in underwear) next month but will need to get a potty as she can't get herself on a toilet on her own.  Has anyone potty trained a child at this age?   I don't want to to cause issues down the road but I think in the `olden days' they used to do it this early and she clearly understands what's going on.

-she still does not have enough hair for a ponytail but you can see we had a barrette in for a bit:)
-she is comfortable in the church nursery and at daycare. Phew.
-she loves being outside (what kid doesn't?)
-she loves being with her brothers but she bugs them so much by taking their cars and whatever else they are playing with.  They often lock her out of the room and I understand, she is a pest!

Oh Miss Nya, we love you so much.  You add a very sweet and feisty dimension to our family.   We look forward to the day when you sleep through the night consistently, although we are thankful that you do at least 50% of the time.  I appreciate your strong will and ability to assert yourself, I think you will be a strong young woman.  Just be nice to your momma.

Love you Nya Pya.
Love, Mommy.


  1. We have a potty you can have if you want.

  2. i love the comment about your mom smiling about Nya's personality :) heehee!
    She's so super cute - hard to imagine her being so...feisty (good word!) since I really only see her in pictures and she's just so smiley and happy :)

  3. Go for it on the potty training! I started with Addison when I was 34 weeks preggers and it worked out wonderfully! She didn't regress but it still beat having two kids in full time diapers! Just remember though, she is only 18 month so if she doesn't get it don't force her. I tried it on a whim with Addison and I lucked out.
    Good luck with her when she's a teenager! You might need all of the luck you can get like I will with Addison! She's got sass and my parents enjoy it because she's a mini-me!

  4. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Didn't realize she was that feisty! Sounds like you'll be an old pro at the teenage girl thing years before she actually gets there :)

  5. Ha! Makes me feel better, its got to be an age thing (i remember wi R thinking the terribles started at 16 months). Vani also hits and BITES frequently (hourly?). Drives me nuts. But when alone, she's good as gold. So we're trying to pay her some attention .

    I love that she death stares too! We need a play date/ Grumpy look stare off! So how are your pictures so darn cute?

    That's great re: potty. Vons was similarly "ohoh" but then ROCKED it when we pulled out the old crappy ikea potty. Now when we're home she doesn't wear diapers. Crazy eh? She can take herself there, pull down her pants, and half pull them up (she can't get them over her bum so just wanders around with it hanging out... SO CUTE!). We're working on squatting now so she can go outside (the dreaded "ohoh" on a walk...). Yep, we're that classy. So yeah, go for it!

    Still so darn cute.

  6. What a cutie! Coby is my strong-willed child too. I thought that we were out of the woods this summer but no, she is still testing me at 4-years-old :) Good thing they're so cute..