Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Photos

It is no secret that I love having our family photos done.  I have always  loved documenting everything:)  Anita is a local photographer and friend/fellow mom of 3, so we did a family photo swap.  I did her photos last year and she did ours just a few weeks ago...works well!   We chose a super close field that I love and the morning was perfectly overcast as we met at 9 am.  The kids behaved, sort of, with chocolate chips, and here are just a few photos.  I'll save our Christmas card one for later.  

Miss Nya was definitely the trickiest as she just wanted to run away, but we got a few of her right at the start.   Lest you think we are always smiling, I would say that Koen has a disgruntled look in most of the photos.  And yes, I `encouraged' my husband to carry a couch to the middle of the field.  I like it:)

{Pretend Koen isn't wearing Cars runners...how did his feet grow overnight?!  I had everything all laid out and made sure it fit, except for their shoes.}

 And now to figure out which ones to print and put up.  And where.  And should they replace some etc.

I love this  family of mine and I'm thankful that Gary is totally good with family photos every year:)

Hope you are having a good week!

Love, Louise


  1. Very nice! Soon Kai will be too tall for even Gary to hold!

  2. great pictures! I love how you encouraged Gary to bring the couch out ;) It looks great!

  3. theyre great photos - but my favorite is of u and nya:) adorable sweater dress on nya

  4. Ali-hmm..what size is he...I think 11.