Monday, September 02, 2013


I am in a very `interesting' place in my life right now.  I feel content and thankful BUT I feel like there is more.  I'm not truly happy.  Like, maybe 7/10 but I know I could be happier/more joyful.  Yes, as my friend Jen pointed out, I quantify everything!   

I've been at  home for almost 5 years now. Wow!  I'm so sick of facebook and the media and a calendar that's too full.   I want to spend a year somewhere with my family, contributing in a way that makes a difference and just living simply.  I know we could do that here but I really do want to live overseas.  I'm not too sure anymore that it would be Kenya as I feel that safety would be a bigger concern.  We will see.  This would be in about 4 years or so but I wish it was now.  My main concern for my children going overseas is their health so I want to wait until Nya is older.  Also, I would love for them to remember it and be really involved in the community we end up at.  

Gary and I are not in an awesome place.  We're fine, just not awesome.  We are 100% committed to each other, but man, we are not having a lot of fun together.  I know it's not all about fun, but right now we are just busy and tired with three young kids and a business and a house and a job and child care and groceries and a yard and vehicles and family and friends and church and know, life.   Just like so many other people I guess!  

In the meantime, I want to make changes here.  I want to get off of facebook although probably not completely as it's useful for our business and keeping in contact with relatives and family far away.  I want to do less photography as I dream of free Saturdays and evenings.  I have been doing it for so long and I'm going to start subbing again to see how I feel.  I'm already subbing the first Friday for my favourite teacher; Mr. Gary Chapman :) I'm thinking that in 2014, I might just do several photography sessions on one Saturday a month.  I want to join a sports team.  I miss the hard work, camaraderie and competition.  I wish I could play football but it is so tricky being in Vancouver.  We will see.  

Anyway, those are just some thoughts, on to photos of our long weekend!

On Thursday we went up to Seasons in the Park at Queen Elizabeth Park.  We went with Gary's family (just adults) for his parents 45th wedding anniversary.  What a great restaurant!  We will definitely go back, just Gary and I, as I think it would be quite romantic.  The view is awesome and so is the food.   Big thank you to my sisters Jackie and Maria for each taking a shift babysitting!  Maria and I swap babysitting at least 1-2/month and it's so great to save about $50/month :)  Besides, we know each other's kids so well which leaves us both feeling very confident.  Usually the `rule' is that the babies need to be in bed already but on this day Maria had to dinner and bedtime for all three!  Three cheers for sisters!
On Friday, I was supposed to go hiking with Lynette but she injured her back.  So sad :(  We will plan to go again.  I really needed a day away as I haven't been away from my family for the full day (besides photographing weddings) for at least 3 years?  I'm pretty sure the last time was when I went kayaking with friends three summers ago.   Oh my goodness!!! I need a vacation from my family!!  I have gotten away with just Gary in that time, I think the last time I was 12 weeks pregnant with Nya, so almost 2 years ago.  As soon as Nya sleeps through the night consistently (she's back up again at 4 or 5am) we will hopefully get away for one evening? 

So instead of hiking on Friday, I went to a playdate at my sisters in the morning where I brought boxes of my clothes I was getting rid of and everyone got something.  Then, Jan and I swapped a box of boy and girl clothes! So great.

After Nya's nap, we went to the PNE.  Fortunately we could get Kai and Koen the Junior ride passes but that is the last year for that as Kai is technically in the next size now which doubles the cost of the rides.  I guess next year we can just to go the PNE and walk around but the rides are our favourite part!  We'll see.  There is no way I'm paying $40+ for Kai to ride on the rides.  We brought our own food but they were thrilled that they were allowed to share cotton candy.  I think next year we will do the Northwest Washington Fair instead, although I haven't even looked to see if it's more affordable.
Unfortunately Nya was unable to do anything as I wasn't going to buy her a ride ticket. There wasn't really anywhere for her to run around so she was stuck in our arms or the stroller.
Talking about eggs (picture above), did I tell you that Koen tested positive for Salmonella? Yup. From Thailand.  He seems to be better now but that was a long 3 weeks of needing to be close to a bathroom at all times.  Nya was also tested last week, don't have the results back yet...
The Octopus was a bit too scary for Koen as it can get spinning and dropping pretty fast.  We saw the Superdogs show and Koen said `Too bad their isn't a Superfish show so Gordie (our fish) could be in it!'.  Also, he asked if Bailey and Boom Boom (my sister's dog and my dad's dog) would be in the show.
This is Nya's classic smile to strangers. She especially likes smiling at men.
So apparently Koen loved the roller coaster, his face says otherwise.  He is trying to lift his arms up, so funny.
Below is Kai's favourite ride.
You can see that Koen wasn't so sure about it :)  Kai gave the day an 8 3/4 out of 10.
On Saturday, we went to Brae Island in Fort Langley.  We pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves.  We had a picnic and played in the sand and water.  I really like this beach because it's close, warm and  not busy.

On Saturday night, the boys slept in the tent in our backyard with Gary.  Koen did not make it there overnight as he was sent in to his bedroom.  
On Sunday we went running in the morning (in two shifts, as per usual) and then went to church.  And, because I love Kai's writing and spelling, here is his current Christmas list.  This way, if  they ever say they want something, I don't have to hear them ask over and over.  I just say `put it on the list'.  I especially like how he wrote `Cotton Candy' (#6).
It's back to school tomorrow!  Nothing really exciting though as Koen is just back in preschool and Kai goes to grade 2.  We found out his teacher and classmates and are very happy with it all.  I hope that he is challenged enough, especially in math, as he is no longer in a combination (split) class.  We will see!  The cool thing about his teacher is that I taught her kids science back in the day.  Kai couldn't care less about back to school clothes, it's so funny to me.  I babysat my nieces last night and they showed me their outfits already laid out.  

I hope you had a great long weekend!    I think we are going to have a picnic dinner to finish off our holidays.  What an awesome summer.  I'm exhausted but it was a good one!  

Love, Louise


  1. I feel llike there is so much to comment on here, but for now...let's find a sport to play!

  2. I feel that there is no greater contribution a mother can make to society and her family than to raise her children well. You ARE contributing in a meaningful way right now, it just looks different through different stages of our lives.

  3. Terri-yes!!
    Carol-I hear what you are saying and appreciate it. I do want to make sure though that I'm not feeling like I'm just existing through each day. I love my kids and want to be able to spend the majority of my time with them, but I also need a break and some change :)

  4. I LOVE koen's face on the one ride....priceless. (But only because I'd be the SAME WAY!)

    I feel the same way about change, but I think I'm just tired of the baby stage. I like Sophies age where she can play on her own, get her own water cup off the counter etc...where as Bianca is so much more dependant still. And I do have an out - milking, which makes a huge's a good way to get exercise, let the kids run free, and I feel accomplished when Im more of a part of our farm than just paying bills & keeping balances....gah!

  5. We LOVE Seasons in the Park - have gone there for my parents anniversary a few times :)
    We also LOOOOOOVE the NWFair :) I do think it's a bit cheaper, especially once the kids get older, as a day ride pass is the same cost regardless of height, and the general admission is a few bucks cheaper than the PNE. and it's SUCH a family feel there.

  6. Hi Louise:) I am loving your blog!!! I am in the interior of BC, and I enjoy linking up with fellow BC bloggers. I totally hear you about your and your hubby being ok, but not awesome. That is where we are right now. We just arnet in a great spot right now, but I know that God has something planned for us.