Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parenting Rule # 337

Don't giggle when your child discovers their nostril for the first time.  It may be cute at first but will definitely become embarrassing.

{Me: `Nya, where is your nose?'}
{Nya thinks to self: `I know what mommy thought was really funny last time!'....}
What a monkey.
Speaking of this monkey, she is teething.  Really it's a non stop process and she is the worst teether of all of my kids.  This molar right now, tooth #12, is brutal.  She is grumpy and not sleeping well which means I am grumpy and not sleeping well.
But, she's cute.  Even when her finger is up her nostril.

Love, Louise


  1. I totally think it's funny when they first learn to pick their nose. Cole is getting over his cold so there is good pickins' and he's just realizing he can get to them. Now to just train him not to do it in public and to use a kleenex when needed :) Nya's cute. Really cute.

  2. Taking a picture probably does not help :) Now she knows you think funny. Teething sucks!!!