Thursday, September 05, 2013

A Look Back

Yesterday was the first time in a really long time that I had nothing on the calendar!  As much as I always think I would look forward to it, I quickly realize that unless there is a good book to read, I just fill my time getting things off the `To Do If There Is Any Spare Time' list.  Boring!!  Yesterday? I went through our photos from 2008-2012 and deleted about 3/4 of them to clear space and then burn discs of them.  They are backed up in two places, but you can never be too safe!

First of all, I realized that I have way too many pictures of my kids.  Wow.

Secondly, I realized that it is so amazing that I have been able to stay home with my kids and experience every day with them.  I know I give them my all and although it's not always fun, it is good for them and me.  I know it is not for everyone and I never even considered what `the plan' would be when we had kids beyond going back to work part time after Kai was born.

This is perfect timing as I'm feeling unsure of what I want to do with my life right now.  I want to be with my kids but I do need something more.   I'm an adventurous person and when `decipher that illness' is the most excitement I have for the day, it's not that fun.  On that note, Kai has a painful growth on his chest that I had to take him to the dr. for this week....he's on antibiotics but they are not sure that it is an actual bacterial infection so I will bring him back in a few days.

So, for a fun look back, here are just a few random photos I found while going through the photos...
                                                       They were so cute and Bubi is in great condition!!
Below, Gary and I hiking Greendrop Lake.  I really need to go for a hike with my husband!  I love this picture.
Love Oregon.  That is what we are doing next summer.  Hopefully we'll find a solution to staying warmer at night.  LOVE Nehalem Bay State Park.
Love my boys.
Koen has such a zest for life.
Two weeks before Nya.  
And then there were three.
Gary has the great ability to nap anywhere at anytime.  Love you baby Nya!
We love Tofino.
And now, because we are running the race in one month (oh boy, better get running more than 3km again!), here is a look back at the last 5 years of the race.  This year I am not only running in memory of my mom but I am running for my friend Alissa.  I lived with her  for 6 months while I was in Kenya (we shared a bed and a hut and were the only mzungus, aka white people, that had lived within miles and miles) and she was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and although she was in remission, it has come back and is in her hip.  She is younger than me and lives in Alberta with her husband and two kids.

2008 (Kai is 2 years old and I'm 6 months pregnant with Koen)
2009 (I was sick with Graves Disease and had to walk the 1 km)
2011 (baby Nya was in utero..just 6 weeks pregnant!)
2012 (babies Hannah, Isaac, Jack, Nya and Georgia joined our team this year!)

I hope you are having a great week.  
As much as it can be boring to be at home, I am so thankful that I can be there every single day for them and with them.

Love, Louise

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