Friday, September 13, 2013

Life is Good

I feel so much better this week!  I think that reflecting and figuring out what needs to happen makes a huge difference.  Also, because I wasn't sure if I should get back into teaching, subbing has been so good!  If you're not sure about something, try it!   Subbing just once a week has been so great and I will not be doing more than that, especially as we have two weddings coming up which leaves me with about 30 hours of work afterwards for each one :)

 Today I subbed Science 10 and Biology 11 which was very fun as those were my old classes.  Also kind of fun to look at the lab next door and see Gary and his class doing an experiment.  It's where Gary and I met; we started teaching science the same year.    I will definitely miss forming those connections with students as a big group of people I am currently connected to are old students of mine:)

The kids are enjoying daycare so that is good as it is a priority to me.  Phew!
{Nya feeding herself breakfast.  She's my little bud.  We all love her like crazy and like I've said 100X, she brings us so much JOY to our house}

The video below shoes Kai getting Nya up from her nap.  I missed the part where he got her out of the crib but he is very helpful.

The older the boys get, the more I realize how different they are.  Kai is more serious, athletic and loves to know how everything works.  He excels at math and reading.  We did not choose the school Kai goes to based on academics, we chose it based on developing his whole self.  However,  I am thankful that there is a Math Enrichment program that he can be part of as he did most of grade 2 math last year and I want school to be challenging for him (in a good way).   Sometimes I think of all the cool things we could study if we home schooled (based on all of the kids current interests and questions etc) and I'm pretty sure I would do an awesome job of it :)  But for now, we feel very comfortable and happy with our current decision.  Kai gave school a 9 3/4 yesterday so I think he's a pretty big fan!
{Koen counting all of his cars.  Apparently there are 66 which is a crazy amount but I think we've just bought 3 brand new?  Also, he has played with them for 1-2 hours daily for almost 2 years now so they are well worth the investment!}

 Koen is eager, energetic, and imaginative.  He plays on his own all day but NEEDS to talk to someone all day long too.  So he'll play (usually racing cars) and then show me every 10 minutes who is in the lead or ask who I'm cheering for etc.   Koen is into Amazing Race Canada, Cars, and Tarantulas.  In regards to tarantulas, he wants to know who could defeat a tarantula and who a tarantula could beat etc.    It's a very boring conversation but we have it daily.  I just need to reiterate that Koen talks all day long.  Oh yes, he also loves to have the conversation `What is healthier?'.  He's into making healthy choices (example: on our trip he would often order salads when he was allowed to have anything!).  So, when I made them share a cotton candy from the PNE (over several days, I know, I'm crazy) we tried to figure out what was less healthy.  He came up with `poisonous berries':)  He is interested in adding more fat to his diet so he has more protection in his midsection when he wrestles with Kai.  When Koen jumped on Gary the other day he said, `Good thing you have so much fat daddy!'.
We had our friend Leah over for dinner last night.  It was our first time having Thai food since `The Incident' (food poisoning in Thailand) and it went well.  Leah sat next to Koen and got to talk to him aka listen to him the whole time.  Leah, Koen can't wait for you to come back again and catch more (pretend) spiders in the basement! 

This weekend I have two sessions that I am looking forward to which is great.  I'm going to be a lot better about only saying `yes' to what I love doing :)  

Finally, next month, Gary and I are going away for 24 hours!!! The pressure is high to have so much fun in 24 hours so we'll see what we end up doing :)  If you have any suggestions, let me know!  So far our ideas are hotels + hiking/biking at either Harrison, Whistler, or Vancouver.  I would say `camping' but Gary will be on a hiking trip all week before or after we get away.  

I hope you have a great weekend!  

Love, Louise


  1. neat to see/hear how different your boys are :)
    i'm glad we fit in the category of an enjoyable session (plus it'll be a mini workout running up and down those rocks?). I am super excited!!!!! :)

  2. Kelly-I might be wearing runners :)

  3. "Dad doesn't take care of Nya that much. " LOL!

  4. Lindsay, you heard that part! What a monkey. I think he was pretending he was the adult!