Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Sometimes just seeing them all together, not beating each other up, just fills my heart to the brim.  Sounds cheesy but it does.
According to Kai, he had the best first day ever.  This may have something to do with his `very funny' teacher and the fact that she gave them popsicles :)
{Grade Two!}
Koen is not as pumped about preschool as he's at the same one and it's going to be a similar program to last year.  
Nya did not love all the driving around today.  Kai had a half day and Koen had a shortened preschool day so I was Mrs. Taxi Driver.

Very thankful to be their mom.

Love, Louise


  1. Does Kai ever look like his dad!

  2. My guess is that Kai has Mrs. B - lucky guy!

  3. Carol-I think so too!
    Katrina-You're right!

  4. great picture of the 3 kidlets:) They definitely look like siblings, and such happiness when they all get along!

  5. Love that Koen is on his tippy toes (is he trying to look taller?)
    Did Kai pick up the peace fingers in the photos from your trip?