Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wedding in the Rain

{A picture of my baby girl will have to suffice for this post:)}

Yesterday we photographed a wedding.  It was for one of the sweetest and most beautiful couples but it was one of the most challenging weddings, photography wise, to date.  I am so thankful for our years of experience and equipment as I know that because of that we got some great images.  It was dark and raining very heavily for most of the day.   Gary and I were also working alongside 3 videographers which adds another dimension especially when working in tight spaces or when we are juggling umbrellas and extra equipment for the rain.  Although I was freezing and soaked by the end of the night, I felt good about what we had done.   Usually we shoot at 1000+ ISO for about 20% of our images and yesterday, we were at 1000+ ISO for about 90% of them.   I am so thankful for camera bodies that can handle that high ISO with lower noise.   I am also thankful for a bride and groom with an amazing attitude and a very large umbrella (The Umbrella Store on Granville Island to the rescue!).

I have many sessions left for the next few months and I'm really hoping that the weather improves so that it won't become a scheduling nightmare.  We will see!

Anyway, I hope you are having a good weekend.  I'm spending 6-8 hours today just culling (going through all of them and selecting the ones I will edit) wedding photos.

Love, Louise

PS Good things happening on the marriage front!  Will update on that later...

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  1. thought about you several times yesterday. OH MAN. what a huge challenge. i'm sure the pictures will be amazing but I can only imagine the challenge of photographing in that weather! I hope the weather cooperates in the next month too for the same reasons!