Monday, September 23, 2013

16 Months Old

My baby is 16 months old.  Man, she is adorable.  I love the ages 1-2.  Sooooooo cute!!!  Not just their little toddling bodies but their personalities are hilarious.  Here was Koen at 16 months.  He was similar in personality but had more hair and less teeth than Nya.  Oh, and here's Kai too.

Cuddles with mommy and wrestling with daddy
Playing with her brothers and trying to take their cars and stuffies
Her blankie.  She's not attached to one in particular but needs a receiving blanket to sleep with.
Milk.  Bottle and breastfed still.
Her belly button
Being outside
Climbing.  She is very confident on the stairs.
Pretending to shoot things
Playing cars
She has 12 teeth and no hair.  I believe she is around 22 lbs.  Size 4 shoes.  She can't wear pants unless they are elastic/leggings because they will just fall down.  She says; mama, dada, grandpa, pipper (zipper), hewoh (hello), bye bye, uh oh, dah (dog) and ower (flower).

She is happy and easy going.  She is pretty gentle and smiley.  She mostly sleeps through the night unless teething.  You know the three or so days that it takes for the tooth to actually pop through?  Those are the bad ones.
All right, the kids are desperately trying to get outside so I can't even think straight so I will end now.  Happy 16 months baby girl.  You are my sunshine.
Love, Mommy


  1. I think you are forgetting that she clearly said "Leah" the other day! :)

    1. You are so right! And if I may brag, I think it was bye bye Leah!

  2. It sure is a cute age!