Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Last week I started Thankful Thursdays so here we go....

1.  A moment with the two youngest  playing together nicely.  Both are pretty goofy and energetic so I can only see things getting more tiring:)  I hope that the boys develop a close relationship with their little sister.  I know she's a lot younger than them but she's doing a good job keeping up with them!
2.  Koen's imaginative play.  When something happens, he wants to quickly show his stuffies.  These two (Lowly and Scooby) are in the finals for the week long Stuffies Amazing Race.
3.  A king size bed.  
4.  That I rarely need to set my alarm clock!!  I mean, I still get up between 6-7am every day but listening to Nya talk in her crib is a lot nicer than the alarm.  As a sidenote, I have had my Sony Dream Machine since grade 6.  We bought it at Target in the states.
5.  It was supposed to rain this past Saturday and even had the threat of thundershowers.  We totally lucked out and had an amazingly sunny day photographing a wedding!    I love this field.  It is at the entrance to Bedford Landing in Fort Langley.
6.  Subbing on Friday it was Buddy Day.  I took the grade 9 class to meet up with the grade 3 class at the primary school.  I got to peak in next door to see Kai with his buddies!  The funny part is that Gary was also with his grade 9's visiting grade 3's so Kai had both parents there checking on him:)
7. A husband that works hard every day (he's been teaching for 13 years, that is exhausting my friends!) and yet has energy to wrestle with the kids and then help get them off to bed.  Excuse the boys bedroom.  I wish I could say it didn't usually look like that but it does thanks to Koen.
8.  Dark Chocolate Enrobed Mangoes.  So amazing.  Gary picked them up from Costco and I love them.  Gary often purchases the `splurge' items for food as I'm too cheap too.   In case I didn't say it already, soooooo good!!
9.  Green spaces to play at and ride our bikes around.  Although we live in a very densely packed neighbourhood, I am thankful for the pockets of green to play in!  
10. That moment when we see the car pull up and Gary and Kai are home from school!  The kids love to run out to greet them.  I should also say that I am thankful that Gary doesn't mind driving one of the ugliest cars in our neighbourhood :)  It was my first car and I've had it for 12 years.   It does the trick and has a few more years left in it!
So much to be thankful for!
Love, Louise


  1. Another great list! Both the clock and the car have served you well!

  2. Love reading about the thing you are thankful for. I am always amazed how my perspective changes when I start looking for the little ways that I am blessed.

  3. Fun - enjoying this Thankful Thursday thing ;)
    SO glad you had good weather on Saturday - I have GOT to try that field!

  4. I have an identical dream machine that I still use everyday! And, my car is also old- 16 years and running great! Here's to preserving things!

  5. Annika has my old pjammer alarm clock from probably the same shopping trip :) I used to hide my diary key in the side where they ear bud space is. Oh, memories. Koen sure does have an imagination. Love Penny!

  6. Maria!!! Diary keys!!! I used to hide mine in a compartment under my phone cradle which I think was for batteries or something. I remember your clock, it prob was the same trip!

  7. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I totally remember when you bought that car! I remember discussing the lovely shade of gold....! :) Who knew it would last so long! Great buy!

  8. Anonymous10:10 PM

    PS I'm anonymous!

  9. I am going to have to try those mangoes!

  10. Nancy-I think we have a lot in common:)
    Lyn-thanks for commenting!! My Amazing RAce partner:) ha. Oh man, not my favourite colour but it works!
    Terri-they are really, really good. I like to think they are healthy too. Mangoes? Dark Chocolate? All good for you!

  11. I had a very similar alarm clock - Mike now has a flashier version with an i-pod dock but I still miss my old sony :) And I love your headboard.