Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Me At Nya's Age

Thank you for answering my question in the last post about how often you and your partner are in contact throughout the day.  I think it is more professionally based than anything!  Gary really doesn't have time to text/call/email me as he's teaching all day.  Let's be honest, if you are Gary's friend, you know that is not his strength.  At all.

I told him he could get an iPhone but he said he didn't want to be able to text with me:)  I think he's scared I'd ask him to do a million errands on the way home or something.  I know I can always contact him in an emergency if I call the school but we are trying to figure out the best way to stay a bit more connected during the day because I need it.  

Here is a picture of me at Nya's age.  I look like a mix of Nya and Georgie.  Nya's head is thinner and she has a cuter nose but man, we tie for baldness!  She has my smile though:)
Today Isaac was over and it was wet but we still explored.  Kai and Koen went to Gary's parents overnight (Yahoo!!!!  Missed them but so nice to have a break!  They do it about 2-3x a year) so I just had the two little kids! They are soooo easy together!  If Nya was a twin, I wish it would be with Isaac:)  He is very gentle and sensitive.  When I said `NO!' to Nya, Isaac started crying!  So sweet.
Isaac: Water! Water!
Nya is so cute and tries to pick up water with a pincer grasp.
 Wait up Isaac!  He's a runner.
A walk is more about the journey.  Fun things to jump on that make a cool sound.  Isaac is 4 months older and about 2 inches and 10 lbs heavier than Nya :)
And the park is in sight! Off they go....

So great to spend some time with Isaac and get to know him better.  I could never do daycare full time but I do enjoy doing it once in a while...for one kid :)
And the boys.  This trampoline has been sooooo well used.  Always a different game going on.
Too cute! Buddies!

By the way, I've been having smoothies for breakfast every day for 5 days and have tripled my fruit and veggie intake (it was really terrible before), feel way healthier, and lost 2-3 lbs.  Just saying! Ha, I sound like an infomercial.  Koen LOVES infomercials:)

HOpe you are having a good week!

Love, Louise


  1. What kind of smoothies are you having? Would love to see one or two of your favourite recipes

    1. All I do is frozen banana, handful of spinach, flax seeds, frozen blueberries, Greek yogurt, milk and honey. Going to start adding kale too. I have it as my breakfast and if hungry after dinner, have that instead of something else. Any berries or fruit taste good in there. Can't even taste the spinach so I often add a lot more.

  2. What do you put in your smoothies?

  3. I have an infomercial lover here too...Noah tries to convince me daily that I need the waxvac or popchef or...

  4. Oh, and plant protein powder too!

  5. Anonymous9:27 AM

    That is my typical smoothie too (without the honey). Delicious start to the day! I usually cheat and use the Costco bag of frozen berries. As for texts, it depends on the spouse's job. In my case, I know the two times when he has his phone on him in case I need to send logistics, haha. Tia

  6. I'm doing this strawberry and Kale one tomorrow, just with regular milk though.