Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Right now I am reading `One Thousand Gifts'.  Let's be honest, I'm skimming it which I never do with a book.  The writing is not my style with it's non stop reflection, questions and description, but I appreciate the premise.  `Intentionally embrace a lifestyle of radical gratitude; and slow down and catch God in the moment.' (Ann Voskamp).  I know she has great nuggets in there and maybe sometime I will go back and really delve into each chapter.    For now, with a teething toddler pulling on my leg, I will skim:)

 Every Thursday I am planning on blogging 10 things I am thankful for in photos.  I'm going to try to do things other than just `my kids' `my husband' etc.  Little things that I might not always think of but that I can see in the day when I actually look for them.

1.  Belly buttons.  A source of fun and a reminder of a special bond. For those who haven't read the `Belly Button Book' by Sandra Boynton, you might want to.  Bee Bo! 
2.  Koen's Bubi.  He has been Koen's faithful companion since he was one years old.  He has comforted him after many owie's and helps him drift to sleep each evening.   Koen rubs the right ear under his nose.  
3.  Prayer.  Sometimes it's all you can do.  Koen is our little prayer warrior.  Nya just knows how to fold her hands :)
4.  Chocolate in the freezer just in case of emergency.  And, double bonus, it was on sale. 
5. Memories of my parents love for one another.  This photo was from one of our many walks up at Green Lake.  My parents were an amazing example to us of how to love, support and encourage one another.  We never doubted for a second the love that they had for each other.
6.  Fresh basil growing in the garden.  Any slight breeze carries the smell inside on a summer's day.  I love my pesto.
7.  Easy and affordable access to medication whenever and wherever we need it.
8. Comfy pink hoodies and matching pink sparkly nailpolish.
9.  Comfy socks to hug your feet as fall approaches.
10.  Painting Nya's toenails for the first time and then smiling while the boys ask to have theirs done too.  
11.  BONUS ONE: Thankful for my sister Maria!  All my sisters really, but this week I am so thankful we are both work at home moms.  When we need someone to watch our kids for 2 hours for appointments/field trips etc, we are each other's go to.  I think.  I go to her anyway :) ha.  

That felt good :)  Maybe you should try it!

Love, Louise


  1. I had to get used to Ann Voskamp's writing style. I really quite enjoy her blog now and she comes up with the most amazing quotes - she has a real gift and heart for God. I have just ordered her new Christmas book - I think it will become a seasonal classic.

    I will look forward to your Thursday posts showing little things you are thankful for.

  2. Hi Louise:) awesome list. every week I have a blogging friend who does ten things of thankful, there is a link up..I have been doing this pretty much all summer, and it may be something you are interested in. this is her blog.

  3. ...I too had trouble reading the book. Not my style either.

    ...side note: her husband was on my rec volleyball team before kids...and I never knew it until I saw him in her blog pictures... weird.

  4. Great idea. I skimmed the book too but loved the idea. Started a thankfulness journal...should really dig that back out and keep it up!