Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our First Date

My friend Ali recently had a picture on facebook of her and her husband on their first date.  It got me thinking to the picture towards the end of this post....

Okay, so this wasn't really our first date.  After knowing Gary for just over a year, I actually called him up and asked him out for sushi.  Aren't I brave?!   We had sushi and then we went to get a blizzard from DQ.  Afterwards, he parked in the driveway to drop me off and I said something like `Remember that conversation we had back in September?  I think we should revisit it'.  `That' conversation was where I said I would never ever date him and I thought he should date my friend Ali:) So funny.  Thanks for not dating him, Ali!  

So from that point on, we were dating.  I knew after a week that I would marry him.  He was so different than anyone I had dated before.  I felt like I was going to have a heart attack (in a good way) when I was with him.  Not because he was so great but because of the seriousness of it. I had never dated someone thinking `I'm probably going to marry him' right when we started dating.   This does not mean it was all roses.  We broke up at least twice over the next year.

Anyway, back to the `First Date'.
So, for our first real date, Gary planned it.  I have to say that I'm pretty sure this is one of two dates he has ever planned.   The other one was to watch airport arrivals as I had once said how much I loved seeing loved ones reuniting.  Who knew that a few years later we'd be doing a little reuniting at the airport!  

He said to dress for hiking which is why I look ridiculous and ugly.  At least he wasn't into it for my looks!  Who am I? Yes, I used to wear glasses and I guess if you're hiking you wear your hair in a bun and ya...I don't know.  I like to think I look nicer now.  At least I was comfortable.

This was his first time putting his arms around me and I'm trying to look off into the distance like he told me.  So awkward.  We had gone to Deception Pass and he made a lovely picnic.  I actually don't remember what was in it but I do remember yummy sandwiches and a huge bag of Jelly Bellies.   He also gave me a little stuffed bear and tulips.  I remember having the picnic on a blanket on the beach and it was really windy.  I remember thinking it was weird that he brought a huge knife to cut the fresh bread, why didn't he cut it ahead of time? Random thoughts. 

We went on a little hike and he took a lot of pictures.  Eventually he did show me how to use that `scary' DSLR of his:)
Gary, aren't you glad I asked you out for sushi?!  Look where we are now:)  Oh man, not the easiest road getting him down the aisle but glad we stuck with it!

If you are married, do you remember where YOU went on your first date?

Have a great weekend. Almost there!



  1. awesome!!! so much fun looking back at where you've come from :)
    Yep, first date...brought me Gerbera daisies, we went out to Lighthouse Park for a hike/walk, watched the sunset while drinking hot chocolate, then out for dinner at Yale Town Brewing Co. :)

  2. Awww so cute!

    My first 'real' date with Matt was to the Calgary Stampede. I was so nervous I barely ate all day haha.

  3. That is an awesome pic. Look at you guys! Photos are always such a big part of your lives! I love that it was deception pass as well, such great memories there growing up for our family! Way to go Gary on that picnic! My first date with Kris was the movie "the green mile." Not a wise decision. Looooong movie and we could only go at 10pm as I had night class from 7-10 and he started work at 4am.

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    It was the LONGEST first date I've ever been on... NEVERMIND a BLIND DATE! We met at Esquire's in Fleetwood (what GUY orders an English Breakfast tea?! Ya, weird), went to Tynehead to walk (who walks?, in the snow none-the-less... in 'date' attire I might add)... Then to Bankshots where (we) played pool for a few hours. Aka I didn't get a shot in and he claims "I've never been soo good"... went to Milestones in South Surrey for supper, where I asked to finish his quesadilla (as he was too nervous to finish his food, I guess and he was surprised that I could "eat")... AND then to White Rock for another walk. Pretty amazing first date. Didn't leave my sight after that:) So glad I walked into that coffee shop.

  5. Erik didn't tell me what we were doing or where we were going... But we went on an overnight date to his parents in Washington. I got to bunk with his poor sister. We went for dinner, rode horses in his parents backyard, and he sang to me and we danced in the street under a single spotlight. Oh ya, and breakfast with the fam the next morning.

  6. Very cute!
    Our first date was eating out at "Mothers", an Italian restaurant chain, at the time, in London, ON. The first movie was saw together was the first "Star Wars" which gives you an idea of how old I am!

  7. It's funny - one of the earlier dates Satneev planned was a bike ride to the airport where we had coffee and watched the arrivals section!!

  8. Anonymous3:14 PM

    outdoor skating at the top of grouse mountain! to think back on those times :)

  9. Love this Louise! First date memories are fun (and interesting to think of our random thoughts at the time). We went to Old Spaghetti Factory in gastown. The weather wasn't great so afterwards we just went back to my place and played crib and watched Law & Order. Who knew this would be typical of the rest of our lives together? I remember playing David Gray because I wanted him to think I was musically interesting...little did I know he was a heavy metal guy and hated it :)

  10. I'd say our first date was to walk the seawall at Stanley Park... then we grabbed supper at Wendy's on our way to church for our college group. He drove me home after and we talked about how we thought we'd probably get married. We hadn't even talked about officially dating yet. So crazy!

  11. I'm pretty sure our first date was along walk along the beach (he acted as a tour guide since I was new to the area) and then he cooked me dinner at this place and watched a movie. I brought microwave popcorn but he didn't have a microwave (we still dont!) I do remember his being really quiet and hardly talking as we walked which annoyed me at the time, but now i love that we can walk in silence, enjoying each others company while not feeling like we have to speak. Fun memories!