Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Teething Sucks

Some people have said, `Does she ever cry?'.   I have never seen her this sad in her whole little life.  This is the reason why I'm not blogging today:)   She is sick and teething.  This was taken on Sunday.  I think.

PS Thank you so much for all of your comments on the `First Date' post, I feel like I learned something from all of you!  I have to do that more often!


  1. she is a pretty crier;) and she cries just like koen did! crazy.
    i couldnt agree with u more - teething and sick babies are the pits.

  2. aw sad nya! Yes it does. Emma is fussy, all day, everyday too.
    And night time, she screams the house down. I've turned the humidifiers and fans on in every room so the rest of us can get a little bit of sleep. I feel bad letting her cry in the middle of the night....but there isn't much you can do with they are inconsolable. boo.

  3. Aww! Poor sweet girl :(

  4. Awe! Heart Breaker! The thing that worked the best for Silas were these weird capsule things called "Camilia"... they are a homeopathic treatment, and I have no idea what kind of magic is in them but they were amazing. I have bought them at Save on foods and at Superstore...

  5. Caryn, those are the ones I'm using and when i can jam them in her mouth they work well! HOpe you are doing well!!